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Why banning guns will not stop mass killings


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So on Sunday 2 brothers went on a killing spree.


10 dead

18 injured( no report on range of severity so it might result in more deaths)

It happened over 13 different locations

One brother found dead( stab wounds) other brother still unaccounted for.

Everyone killed or injured was stabbed.

for more detail https://www.bbc.com/news/world-62803059

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9 minutes ago, Magwa said:

No law will stop any evil man or woman from doing what they want that is why we have the 2nd, it allows us to protect ourselves and our loved ones from evil no matter where it comes from...

^^^ @Magwa Now that is an excellent way to put it!  Can I steal it and use it as a signature on forum posts?

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A lot of idiots seem to act like human violence didn't start till the gun was invented. China has a history of mass murder with knifes,Japan preferes arson or poison gas.

If you can't keep weapons out of the hands of people in prison where they're constaly watched, searched and limited access how will that work in the real world with hardware stores?

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On 9/6/2022 at 12:12 AM, shooterrex said:

Criminals ignore the laws and evil exists.

Exactly. But it's not about stopping crime, it's about stopping the rabble once a majority realizes what the folks in power have been doing to us. Our firearms are the modern day pitchforks and torches used to burn down the castle in times past. The evil power structure fears that. The folks in power don't give a rats posterior about crime and how it impacts the 

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