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Armalite AR10 pattern rifle builders.


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Windham has an interesting history.  Without fact checking (which means relying on my memory) my recollection is that they were the original Bushmaster folks.  Founders sold the Bushmaster name and company to Remington and had a non-compete agreement for 5 years or so. After Remington more or less ran Bushmaster into the ground, Windham restarted the old company, re-hiring the best employees and starting with a clean slate and a lot of know how. Make a very good gun for the money IMHO.  Very helpful folks if you ever have any questions or concerns regarding their products.

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On 11/12/2022 at 5:23 AM, MtnMike said:

I believe some (if not all) of Windham Weaponry’s .308s are of the AR10 pattern. You can always ask them. Their Customer Service is golden. 

Agree on WW customer service and bang for the buck with Windham Weaponry ARs. My 308 AR from them has DPMS pattern receivers. Bought 1 or 2 years ago. 

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In the beginning of Live Free Armory, they made straight Armalite pattern uppers and lowers, including the thread pitch for the barrel nut. At some point, the Armalite design stayed, but the thread pitch went to DPMS pattern.  Eventually, everything went DPMS pattern, including the shape of the lowers/uppers.  

I have one of the sets that have the Armalite cuts on the receivers, with DPMS barrel nut pitch.  Top quality, all the way. 

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As stated earlier, all of the Knights Armament Company (KAC) is 100% Armalite AR-10A patterned- means it takes P-Mags.  It makes sense, because Eugene Stoner was brought on at KAC to design everything for them.  So, that's the whole SR-25 line, and the M-110 rifles.

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On 11/10/2022 at 6:01 AM, Lentuk said:

Is there a list of Armalite AR10 pattern rifle builders?

I have only ever had the DPMS LR308 pattern rifles and would like to buy or build an AR10 style rifle, would like to know what manufactures build on the Armilite  AR10 style receivers.

I will tell you this for a fact - you CAN 100% run all Armalite AR-10 guts inside DPMS-based receivers.  I have a 13.5" Armalite competition barrel, gas tube, the AR-10 BCG, AR-10 Carbine recoil system, running inside Aero M5 receivers.  That thing runs like a Swiss watch. 

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