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new Handgun suggestion


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ok i'm in the market for a new pistol. I will be pairing it with my ma-ten sass build.

what i'm looking for:


hi-cap(minimum of 13rnds);

either .40s&w or .45;


right now i'm eyeing on Para P14-45. can you guys suggest me other guns for consideration?  This will not be a daily CC weapon, it's just going to my range/case gun to go along with my .308

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i have a chance to buy a barely used FNP40 USG(DA/SA with safety and decocker) for $500 no tax with case manual three 14rnd mags ...

is it worth it? I can get the FNX40 brand new for around $650. From what i read, FNX40 is just a renamed version of FNP40 USG with minor cosmetic change.

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    My carry gun is a Kimber ultra carryII, 45 ACP.

    my "go to" is a series 70, Colt 1911 that I'v had over 40 years.

  I just read a WEB Griffin novel that  had two characters dissucisiong the difference between the 9mm and the 45.

  One charector to the other, " Do you know what the 9mm is?

    Other," What>

  Its the 45 set to stun,"

  No disrespect ment, just thought it was funny


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If you're not trying for concealed carry and wanna keep to .40 or .45, I LOVE my Springfield Armory XDm Competition.  That thing is sweet, accurate and fast and has great capacity.  I also had the original XDm before the Competition and it didn't balance as well as the Competition does. 

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I agree with Mikedaddy on the 10mm. There's no comparison as far as muzzle velocity or energy. There still aren't a whole lot of handguns to choose from, but there are several very nice ones by Colt, Glock, Fusion Arms, Dan Wesson, EAA (some have cracked slides due not beng able to handle the hot 10mm rounds, but some are fine), Springfield (Omega and Linkless, but no longer made), S&W, and a couple others. I have 3 and love them all, but I'd have to say my favorite pistol is my FNH Five-Seven 5.7x28mm. You could even go with a Glock 20 and then you can always convert it to .45, .40, .357Sig, 9x25 Dillon, and more!! Most conversions just take a barrel change that cost $115 from lone Wolf. The only downfall is the price of ammo, but bulk isn't too bad. But, between a .40 and .45 I'd get the .40 so I could convert to a .357Sig if I wanted. FNP .45 is a really nice pistol though, and a lot of firepower, especially in a 45. Ray Tanner on Gunbroker had the 2 tone FNX-40 new in box for $465. Good luck.


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