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Ammo Availability


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Seriously thinking on getting into reloading ASAP!!!!

Decided to go around and look for some 308 ammo to go plinking today for the last few days with no luck...

Bass Pro Shops- Nothing in stock and no ETA on arrival

Cabelas- Nothing in stock and no ETA

Walmart- HAHAHAHAHAHA nothing at all every shelf empty

and the big kicker...

Academy Sports- Well they had some 150 grain winchester, was 18.99 a box when I got them a few weeks ago, well now they are 36.99 and limit one box per customer per day.  O and on top of that they are also limiting 3 calibers per customer per day on everything else. WTF?????

My wife is just going to have to deal with it Im buying my reloading equipment ASAP!!!

Good thing Ive been scooping up every 308 caliber round I see at the range every time I go...have about 600 on stash

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Not the best time to start, for the same reasons as now isn't the best time to buy an AR or stockpile ammo.

It can be done though!

I recommend anyone of the single-stage press "starter kits".  With any of them you will need to get dies for your caliber, and possibly case trimmers or other small add-ons.


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It's pretty irritating, because stockpiling ammo is just not needed. I mean they are not banning ammo. Obviously I want some, new rifle and I would like to have 500-1000 rounds on hand. Lots of new purchases so I can understand that... but it's like end of days. Ammo here has been rationed since SH. Limits and bare shelves. All priced are way up. Best I could do is a $1 a round of cheap stuff, and $1.50 for Fed Prem... I stopped buying that when it hit $2/rnd.

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I mean they are not banning ammo YET.

Fixed that for ya.  <thumbsup>

Bet your ass, if/when they fail at an "Assault Weapons Ban," they WILL get a mag cap ban, and they'll go after ammo right after that. 

January 2012, BATFE already got us on some ammo - did anyone know that?...  <munch>

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That is pure bullpoopy how can a Barnes pure copper bullet be armor piercing? Barnes are the only bullets i trust on big game,

That's the problem when laws are passed with clauses like "to be determined by bureaucrat-X".  They can arbitrarily make anything illegal.

Look at the importation clauses, the power they give BATF, and what they've done with that.  Big stinky dog farts on that.  "Well, we know we allowed SKSs to be imported with bayonets before but now we deem them to be too deadly."  Hunh?  Now various shotguns too?  Chinese AKs can't be imported but European ones can?  And Chinese M14 copies used to be ok but now they aren't?

That whole agency needs to be dismantled and hanged.


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That is pure bullpoopy how can a Barnes pure copper bullet be armor piercing? Barnes are the only bullets i trust on big game,

Me, too, brother.  BATFE stated that solid construction was classified as AP - and the Barnes solid copper, is still a solid.

They gained an exception for .308, so you're safe with that one.  I don't have very many 70gr .224 diameter projos left, and I'm saving them.  I'm ging to have a machinist buddy make me a die based on them. 

Here's the text of the notification letter from Barnes:

January 23, 2012

Dear Customer:

There has been speculation regarding certain component and ammunition products within the shooting community. The purpose of this letter is to inform our valued customers of the status of

Barnes Banded Solids’ availability as components, and in Barnes VOR-TX Safari ammunition.

In October 2011, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (“ATF”) classified twelve individual Barnes Banded Solid projectiles as armor piercing ammunition. Following these classifications, Barnes submitted individual “exemption request” petitions to ATF. If the petitions are approved, the projectiles will be removed from the statutory definition of armor piercing ammunition, and therefore Barnes will have clearance to continue manufacturing and selling these projectiles.

As of today’s date, ATF has not ruled on any of the petitions requesting the removal of the Banded Solid projectiles from the statutory definition of armor piercing ammunition.

Accordingly, the following eleven Banded Solid projectiles (currently listed in the 2012 Barnes Catalog) are subject to exemption requests that are pending with ATF. Please note that Barnes is not pursuing an exemption for the .223 caliber Banded Solid projectile at this time. The .223 caliber Banded Solids are not listed in the 2012 Barnes catalog or on the Barnes website:

25 Cal 243 Cal 264 Cal 270 Cal

284 Cal 308 Cal 338 Cal 375 Cal

410 Cal 458 Cal (45-70) 458 SOCOM

While we await determination from ATF on these calibers, and in compliance with the original classification by ATF, the projectiles listed above will not be available for purchase from Barnes.

However, if and when the exemption requests are approved, the projectiles at issue will become available for purchase at that time.

We are confident that most, if not all, of our removal requests with ATF will be successful, and that we will soon be able to provide these calibers to our hunting and sport-shooting customers

around the world. In the meantime, we will be happy to answer questions regarding these projectiles and/or the VOR-TX Safari ammunition loaded with these projectiles. Please note the

Banded Solids components and VOR-TX Safari ammunition products loaded with Banded Solids not included in the aforementioned calibers (e.g. 416, 470 and 500) and TSX bullets are not subject to the current armor piercing classification and continue to be available for purchase.

We at Barnes recognize the inconvenience caused by lack of access to the appropriate products for individual sporting or hunting purposes. We will continue to aggressively seek immediate

resolution to this issue, and inform our customers as further information is provided by ATF.

Please refer to www.barnesbullets.com/products/rifle/banded-solids/ for future updates.

We look forward to your continued business and wish you the best in the New Year.


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And how many rounds do you generally get from lb of powder just trying to get an idea of what to try and order if I can find it

With CFE 223 and 168gr bullet I can get around 146 rounds per pound of powder. Just bought an 8 lbs. keg before things went crazy should be able to get around 1160 rounds of ammo. Its all going to depend on the bullet weight you decide to use. The lighter the bullet the more powder you will need for that load.

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You can figure on your powder costing you around 20 cents per shot.  Inexpensive bullets are around 30 cents each and premium bullets are close to 1 dollar each.  Primers run around a nickel each.  If you have or can scrounge brass it won't be a cost factor.  (Although it does have a finite reloading life)  If you buy new brass it will run you around 50 cents per for standard quality brass.  So, you are looking at anywhere from $10 to $35 per box for the cost of your components.  You will amortize your basic $3-400 reloading set-up in your first 30 boxes of ammo.  Of course, as my Dad had to go and point out to my wife, you won't save money; you'll just get to shoot more!

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New here so I hope I'm not stepping on toes...if so please delete this or tell me.

http://www.freedommunitions.com/category-s/1881.htm Seems .308 has been popping up as available from time to time, they have new and once fired brass reloads. I ordered a box of 240 new brass last week just because I can't find brass locally or thru Brownells/midway. If I have any problems I'll be sure and post up!!! The price didn't seem great but way better than I have seen lately...

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