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A little sad


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About 25 years ago my best friend and his GF another good friend wisely left CT for the mountains of Vermont. They eventually got married and had two kids Elizabeth and Erin. We remained close visiting often until abot 10 years ago when life started getting in the way. The last time we visited was 5 years ago. Well last February the daughters now adult women of 19 and 21 decided to come to CT and spend the weekend with us. We had a great time but the little woman and I really connected with the 19 year old Erin. Erin also connected with us and began spending at least one weekend per month with us. Not having children of our own her presence gave us something, a joy we had not known previously. We love her like our own and there is hardly a day where we dont hear from her. Well a few weeks ago she dropped a bomb. She's leaving VT to support her boyfriends dream of becoming a professional wrestler. This means no more monthly visits though she has promised to come for my birthday as well as hers. Anyhow tomorrow she leaves for Florida to start a new life and we are sad.

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That sucks, brother.  I hope that works out for him - which would be working out for her. 

If you're feeling like you need to nurture a young one, I'll pack 16-year old Jake up in a box and ship his ass RIGHT out!!!  <thumbsup> <laughs>

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Hey, better yet, move yourself out to the AZ compound and raise Jake there. I'll even bring Dylan out to visit. He could always use another grandpa <thumbsup>

Sucks you gotta watch her grow up. Lets just hope she takes all of the wisdom you have passed along to her and makes something wonderful with her life. She ain't gone, she just won't be around as much....but in this digital world, she'll never be far away.

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It does suck when all of a sudden you realize they have grown up and are ready to make the plunge into the big bad scary world.... juts let her know you will always be there for her Always..... then you can enjoy her new life with her... they grow wings let em fly....

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poop sucks I dated a girl for 7 years met her when her son was 3 raised him like he was my own fought for him as he was too. That was prolly the hardest thing I e ever gone thru in my life. I get to see him when ever I wanted but we kinda grew apart...

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I know how that is Drew. My wife and I got our 2 granddaughters 7 years ago and now they are 11 & 12. Their mother (29 years old) died in Arizona last Thursday of a pulmonary embolism. We told the girls and later when we were alone my wife said she hated to admit it, but she felt a little relief knowing their mother won't be showing up on our doorstep wanting her daughters back someday. I told her I had the same thought.  I know that sounds bad, but after 7 years we feel like they are OUR kids! We don't have any worries about their dad coming for them, he lives here in town and hasn't seen them in over 4 years.

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