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AR10 vs PIG = PIG lost


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Shot this pig with a Federal Trophy Bonded Tip 165 gr round.  The sow weighed at 120lbs.  The second photo is the ENTRY wound.  The round went through her completely.  She was facing me and turned to my 7-8 o'clock position. Range was about 70 yards.  The round hit her in the shoulder and traveled back through and exited out the other side near her right rear leg.  The photo of me and the sow is the EXIT wound.  The round shredded her left lung; she ran about 20 yards and dropped for good. Once the bullet hit her ribs it dumped a tremendous amount of energy causing this wound ,yet still had enough juice to travel all the way through. This was my first pig. Can't wait to get her from the butcher!



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And Robo scared another one off lmao.gif laffs.gif


That's too bad. Mr. Robobot is the one and only person on this board I know in person and actually converse with regularly. He strikes me as much more interested in helping folks know the laws and stay out of trouble then throwing the book at people with every chance. He's a cop. While on duty he's required to enforce the laws whether he agrees with them or not. Otherwise, he's just another one of us.


 In that picture, we DON'T know if his mags were 5/20s (I've thought about making such mags myself. It CAN be done) and basically no PROOF of illegal activity, even if there's indication.


 Based on the way he spoke, it SOUNDS like he either just didn't know the rules or managed to get some rare, custom hardware. That man has allot more to gain by sticking around and listening to Mr. Robobot then running off.


My suggestion. Be quiet about this topic for legal reasons, pick Mr. Robobot's and the rest of our member's brains and get aquainted with the community.

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