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Where's all the 22 ammo?


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   I just got back from a visit to the lgs.

    Talking to the owner, she said that she had gotten 10 CASES ( 10: - 500 round bricks) on Wensday.  Normally a 2 month supply.

   They limited sales to two bricks per customer.All gone in 2 hours!!!!!   100 bricks, gone in two hours!!!

   Wheres the ammo?   being stockpiled by everybody!

   Durango is a small town.  30,000 total people in the County.  Nearest "big" town?  Alberqucue.   250 miles away.  If things sell that fast in a town, is it any wonder that nothing can be found in the larger citys?



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My local Cabelas has limited purchases to (2) 50 round boxes. Not that they have any.


I personally have a very small amount. 500 Gemtech, 375 box of Federal, a few boxes of stingers. Im thinking of treating them like an inner city convenient store with cigarettes. Selling the rounds individually $1 per round. sign10.gif

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I've been on a hunt for it since I bought this .22 kit for my ar the I find out I can't shoot the cheap poop so I've got a good amount for my rem .22 which will eat the cheap stuff. Few weeks ago I came across some CCI 36 grain 1260fps glad I bought 500 rounds of it my AR ate it like candy yesterday, just one miss fire.

The reasoning I got when I asked why it was do hard to find was its the number one servile round most people who own guns own a 22 and its a cheap round?! Why is there so much 12 gauge? Most people have a shoot gun in there house next to their 22?! Idk it's just f'n crazy I know that much

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I have been told by someone who buys and sells large quantities of ammo and sells retail that all of the overpricing is being done on the retail end, he says that prices have risen but only a couple of bucks per brick. His retail prices are up but nowhere near what I read about from other areas, I don't blame him either he is just making it while he can without bending us over, when this is over he will go back to making 10%.

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Ditto. I was at my friendly LGS and commented on the price of ammo. The owner advised the priced aren't up, they just aren't discounted any more. He has been under MSRP just to be competative. Now he is charging MSRP. ????? Fuck if I care, it's all to expensive to the guy who gets free ammo.

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Stopped at the LGS bought 200 lr for $20.00 talk about buyers remorse fuk.they had stripped 5.56 lowers for $219.00.They had a Rguns stripped lower for $239.00 Fuk.Guy said let me see about a better price,I said don't bother.Same one Rguns sells for $115.00.Couldn't get a backorder from 2Vets so I ordered Olive drab 5.56 stripped lower from Rguns $115.00.

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