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Feel bad for you Cali people..


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I couldnt deal with people like this on a daily basis.  The misinformation and jus plain lack of knowledge of what they are talking about or trying to regulate scares me.  I mean these people push for laws on things they know nothing or very limited about....




Some cuts from this article:

"Assault weapons are banned in California. However, gun manufacturers have found a loophole that allows gun owners to easily convert a rifle into an assault weapon"


"by the use of something such as a bullet, or something that can depress the recessed button, the rifle can be converted into a semi-automatic assault weapon."


"10-round magazine clip"


Just to quote a few....


I mean did anyone let this idiots know that even without the bullet button the weapon is still a semi auto rifle?



And some more recent developments....Word to our fellow Cali ppl...GET OUT NOWWWWW lol


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No szit if I'm a criminal I'm not gettin a rifle with a bulet button Cali can be pro active but make all the same mistakes and there is no right answer for a reson with bad intentions you just can't fix stupid !!fore the record I'm not a criminal hahaha!

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Hmm note how the comments are disabled?  Looks like the anti 2A team also does not promote 1A lol.  Could it be that they disabled them because it is full of lies?  Oh wait good job on them for using someone else's video, who now calls them out in it haha.


The media is terrible. Your right most people don't realize that assault weapons are already illegal here, and that even without a BB, the weapon would not be considered an assault weapon in free america, it's just some BS term the politicians made up... There is a lot of ignorance here, many don't understand the difference between semi automatic and automatic.  It's not as bad down south were we have all the Military and Navy bases, but we are forced to play by the same rules as SF :(  Even people I work with think there is no reason you would ever need more than 6 rounds.  And their right, you won't ever need more than 6 rounds... that is until you do.  Good thing that bill got dropped.


Same reasoning was used for gun free zones.  Gun free  zones are great because no one has a gun in them, so you won't need one either... Until they do!  With what just happened in Santa Monica I expect all upcoming bills to pass too.  Looks like it is my last opportunity to get those C&R's I want or any other rifles before next year.  Then I'll be done until I escape the state some day.  


Oh yea, in one video that was on TV they even said that a bullet button converts a semi automatic into a fully automatic, and it was written elsewhere that the bullet button increases the rate of fire and allows the use of high capacity magazines.   ::) Makes it more frustrating when people don't even believe you when you explain it to them because they heard it on the news.  ONce I was watching TV I think it was Fox and the reporter showed a 223 bullet and they were like "Look at the size of this thing" (Camera zoomed way in), and they explained that these huge bullets were the ones being used in the shootings and that we need to do something about it.  Yea cause 223 is massive!



"SB 249 prohibits the manufacture, transfer, or possession of conversion kits but does not address the growing problem of factory-installed bullet buttons."

Possession covers it all, even factory installed  ??? 


Guess I'll have to start getting some BB repair kits too.

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Born and raised in NorCal. I have wished every day of my adult life for that imaginary line between us and SoCal to become a reality.

I've been talking with the wife about relocating. Possibly MT or ID... I'm still holding out for Flagstaff, AZ too


Born and raised in NorCal. I have wished every day of my adult life for that imaginary line between us and SoCal to become a reality.

I've been talking with the wife about relocating. Possibly MT or ID... I'm still holding out for Flagstaff, AZ too

Goodluck to you. I hope the best for all the members and gun owners of that state. Seems the bulsh!t is never ending there. Come to Florida, leave views and laws back there.

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