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Rainier has nickel boron 308 BCGs in stock $323

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of course they come out after I order mine thru Harris Tactical! I'm picking mine up tomorrow at the PO since I was out fishing when it was delivered (or tried too...  sig required)


One thing tho, and others may refute it. But, in my armorer's course, the guy teaching it said to only get bolts made from Carpenter158 steel... he said in all his service, he saw other metals fail much more commonly than the C158. The one from Rainier is made of 9310 steel. But it is tested, so...?

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I was just reading that the 9310 is better then the carpenter 158. It's why N.E.M.O used the 9310 in there Omen 300 win mag. Was in the AR 15 mag. last month. Sounds like if you stick with the carpenter 158 or 9310 and it's tested you should be good. That was that guys 2cents anyway. I don't know enough either way but if they are instock when I get my new CC in the mail I'm gonna order one.

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Ya I have nothing but good things to say about SI and the little bit I have done with NEMO went great. Plus my barrel maker right there turned out awesome. Also I've been looking into getting a bolt gun built by BlackOps Precsion based out of columbia falls wich is right by kalispell says they build 1911 also but they have no Info on them. Figured I have an all Montana AR ( least all the parts I could get made in Montana ) just as well have a bolt gun or 1911 made in state as well.

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Come on now......you don't really want his kind around there. Next thing you know....he'd be going from door to door selling policeman's balls tickets........or for bike rally's.....or something like that. NOW......a good ol fashioned, keep to himself, don't bother nobody kinda guy (unless he's F-ed with) , hermit like me......would probably fit in real easy. And hell.....I always have beer. <laughs>


BUT.........Rob's always invited though.

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