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new executive orders


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Looks like ob has decided that we need to keep those dangerous 50 year old M1's out of the hands of the street gangs. His newest executive order will prevent the reimportation of these historic weapons to sell to private individuals.  If ever there was proof that they are trying to ban all guns (not just AR type) was needed, this is it. We've been led to believe that the problem with the evil AR's is the detachable, high cap mags, the pistol grips, the colapsable folding stocks, the flash hiders, etc. The Garand has non of these, and yet he has decided that (due to their being used so often in crimes no doubt) that they are a serious threat. Probably saw Gran Torino recently and imagined himself on the receiving end.

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Larest thing I've read is that they are executive actions not xzecutive orders. I'm not sure what the difference is, but It sounds as though, since he can't force Congress to adopt his gun control agenda, (which should indicate that the elected representarives of the rest of the country don't support his qoal) he's trying to work around them. All comments that I've read indicate that no one (even his supporters) considers this an effective means of reducing gun violence in America, it's just a cursory effort on his part to show that he's still hard at work on gun control, even if he has to side step the constitution to do it.

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Oh please... You really think those candy asses on either side of the isle are capable of any serious Constitutional action?


Ya it be nice to see some of them put their carriers on the line to protect our freedom and constitutional rights versus sending our boys out to do it for them with their lives and blood.

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