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AR15 compatibility


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OK, so a Black Rain receiver came home with me today so I figure I'm one of you guys now.  

I'm wondering which AR15 LPK parts are compatible with this LR308.  Is there a list somewhere?  Searching was not fruitful for me. I thought a MOE grip was compatible but hell if I can get it on...

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You definitely need new pivot/takedown pons.

You should upgrade to an Armalite bolt catch and mag catch.

The MOE grips should fit. Have you tried cussing? I often find if I use colorful four letter words in varying order, the difficult parts tend to fit better.

If it breaks, fcuk it... you needed a new one anyways. Lol

Seriously though. The grips are all interchangeable. As with many .308's... Some fitting may be required.

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I always like to remind folks they better off skimping on stocks, grips and handguards. Barrel and fire control group are the heart of the weapons accuracy.

Thats true, but thats going to be a future upgrade. A rifle without a barrel is worse than a rifle without a match trigger, right?
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safety detent and spring

takedown and pivot detents and springs

bolt catch pin and spring

trigger assembly

selector lever

mag catch BUTTON and mag catch spring

buffer retaining pin and spring




takedown pin and pivot pin

mag catch

bolt catch



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So my problem with the moe grip is that its so tight the receiver is shaving off plastic as it slides on. And then it cant go on all the way. The way I see it I have 3 choices:

A) lightly file the inside of the handle

B) heat gun to make the grip more pliable and accepting

C) astroglide

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That MOE grip will go on there, OP.  Make sure you don't crush your spring(s) whilst putting it on (make sure they're lined up), and tap that thing in place with a rubber mallet.  No need to cut or shave anything - it'll go on. 

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