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Boberg XR-9S


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One of the distributors we use just got some of these in stock. Let the image scroll by to see the short barreled versions.

Holy schit! I've lusted after one ever since I heard about them a few years back.

They used to be impossible to get, now I can just order one and it'll be here in two days.

I just bought a Kahr MK9 Elite 03 though and the Boberg is even more expensive, crazy expensive for a pocket pistol.

They're so cool, the ammo loads in the back of the magazine bullet first and the pistol pulls the round out the rear of the mag then feeds it into the chamber, just like an old cloth belt fed machinegun.

I don't think I can hold out..I must have...I must have...My lust meter is off the scale.

Should I?

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Just found out that the XR9-S (shorty)  with 3.35" barrel (the one I bought) will accept the longer 4.2" barrel of the XR9-L (long) according to the Boberg website.

So, of course, I ordered the longer barrel as well as the 6.5# light weight main spring.

Gotta have the whole shebang, don't I?


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They mention on their site that it's suitable for threading to add attachments, but I think I'll just own it and probably never carry it with the long barrel installed.

I bought this pistol for it's coolness factor, God knows I already own far more carry guns than anyone would ever need, so the whole excercise is just for my entertainment and the extra goodies add to that.

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My first day back to work this week and the Boberg was waiting for my lustful fondling and fondling it got.

I brought my Kahr MK9 for comparison since this is the closest pistol I own to the Boberg's specs.

The Kahr has the superior trigger, but not by much.

I have the Boberg 6.5# trigger spring on order which should close the gap.


In it's box:



In it's Winthrop holster:



Kahr MK9 on left, Boberg XR9 on right. The Boberg is noticably smaller in your hands. The stainless steel framed Kahr weighs 24oz with empty mag and the aluminum framed Boberg weighs 17.5oz with empty mag.



6-round Kahr mag on left and 7-round Boberg mag on right:


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