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I need everyone's help


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This has nothing to do with guns or 308ar.com

One of the dispatchers at my office hit some bad luck. She is nearing retirement and over the years she practically raised her nieces as her own. One of her nieces was in a horrible car accident recently. The doctors just advised that the damage is extensive and permanent. The final outcome is complete paralysis.

This is not an affluent family, and this single mom has two little girls that are going to have a very rough Christmas this year. I can't even fathom the term oil they must all be in right now.

Lots of times you'll read about stuff, passed on from person to person through social media, with absolutely no personal attachment. This story is quite on the contrary. This is close to home and involves the family of one of my very good friends. This is why I am asking for help.

If you were looking for a good reason to give this year... or you weren't looking, but your not opposed to giving... or you never give, but you can afford something a little extra this year... This is the opportunity you needed.

We've all offered to buy the beer in here. If you were one to buy a round, I ask that you give that round to my friends instead of me..

Please see this link below. The folks at my department set it up to help the most deserving family we could.


<link removed due to closed donation>

Thank you all for your help. I also ask that you pass this around to your friends and family. Every $1 will help this year.

My personal regards,
Rob Sotelo
(Feel free to mention me if you do choose to help out)

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You guys are truly the physical embodiment of real friendship. This place is like a second home to me and each of you are forever invited to my dinner table.

This place is more than community and camaraderie. This place is family... maybe slightly dysfunctional at times... but a band of brothers none the less.

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