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Lone survivor


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Hey guys, he's had his views, and kinda changed them over time.  He's not that bad about guns and gun control, not compared to some of the Raging ArseHole HollyWad Assheads...



"I believe Charlton Heston is America’s best villain because he loves guns so much. Maybe he should get the award for being president of the National Rifle Association.”



“I would love it if they could take all the guns away. Unfortunately, you can’t do that so you hope that good people in the world have them to protect the people who can’t protect themselves,” Mark Wahlberg bemoaned in the Herald Sun in 2007. “Certainly, I haven’t used a gun anywhere other than on a movie set and I’d like to see if we could take them all away. It would be a beautiful thing.”
And into November 2013 - now this one isn't gun-related, but it shows anther change of view.  He's "getting different" over time.
Basically, I'm saying, give the guy a chance.  What keeps circulating the internet-world is schit that's a decade old, or older, yet still spoken as gospel these days...  <dontknow>   That's how it works.  'Cause I read it on the internet...
And finally, here's some good news, and some good quotes...  <lmao>
"Love it, what I'm gettin' out you, Blue Cougar!"...  <laughs>   DO NOT skip the Chuck Norris video link, in this link.  I'm just sayin'...
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Hollyworld , would change the color of the SUN to make a movie that some may watch. Right now , its all about Warrior hero's , to get people to invest in there trade.

It may have been about a true story , but Hollyworld will twist it around to make it  "there" reality , that's for sure .


I don't invest in there world any more , no matter what its about . 

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You know, I read the book that Marcus wrote, and it was awesome.  In a way I feel like that story never really should have come down from the side of that mountain, but at least in book form it took someone willing to invest the time and interest in reading it who had some level of respect for the jobs those guys do and the incredible warriors that they are.


I watched a 30-minute documentary on HBO (or one of those) that showed the intent of the filemakers and actors to keep it "real-to-life" and to honor those guys, but regardless of their intent, this movie (IMHO) will romanticize the events and misrepresent it in some ways.  I saw in the documentary that Marcus seemed pretty well pleased with it and how true-to-life they were making it, as well as the families of the other three warriors, so that's cool.  It's their story to tell.


I'm really torn about seeing the film, to be honest.  The movie lover in me wants to see it, but the part of me that respects and reveres these men and their work is very hesitant.



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A friend highly recommended it after watching it.  I'm not a fan of Wahlberg but I think it would be insulting to think of the movie as being about him or the main reason why I would snub it...it's about those the movie represents, however true to life certain elements of it are. The trailers that I've seen are definitely appealing and make me want to go give it a chance though. I was a little disappointed with Zero Dark Thirty so I'd love to see a good movie.

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I haven't been to the big screen in awhile because of my home theater. Sooo last week my surround sound shot craps on me so now I have to find another. I guess that means I'll have to go if I want to see and hear it the way it suppose to be. Hope there no *ickhead surfing on there phone like the last time I went, Kinda irritating seeing the light of a phone in a dark theater. The last really good war or battle film I watched was Band of Brothers to this day I have not seen anything that even compares to the way they did this film or mini series. 

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Understand this is a mini series 10 hrs. long. I watched it on the History channel and they showed a short interview of the actual men that fought in the battles before each episode by the end of the series I was speechless. Your in for experience if you watch. I recorded it on DVD after seeing it the first time. Now that were talking about it I think I'll watch again :)) 


Its a must see, when you watch it let me know what you thought.    

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<thumbsup> +1 for Band of Brothers. Very well made. And the personal interviews, though short clips unless you get the DVD set as I did, are awesome. Some of them really tug at your heart also. That generation was a completely different breed. Not that many of us aren't as patriotic as they were. Hard to put into words.


This is one to watch with the sound cranked up. The battle scenes are pretty impressive.

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