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im New, and i already need alot of help...


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Hello, my name is Jacob beach. I sold the Ak47 that I bought new when i was 8, along with all of its tasteful modifications and 1880 rnds of ammo, so that i could enter the world of the ar308 :-)


But already I have made some mistakes.

First off, I should have waited for windham weaponry to release their src308 because for 1100 I could have had a forged 7075 t6 upper and lower, cranium chromoly barrel, chrome lined, with a medium gas system, and a life time warranty, brand new. But I didn't want the feds having my info for my number one meat winner, and rights defender.

So i bought a used ar308... a used, made by some moron, ar308...

Without going into detail about the lies I was told, or the embarrassing price I paid, I need some help with a few issues. First off...


Are these properly staked? They dont look at all like my old POS m4... they are very shallow, and one sided. (Sounds like my wife describing me)


I dont want to offend any redneckdrummer masters , being that I am one, but really?



I looked at all of this much closer after this just fell out of the weapon when it was split for cleaning.


So, he has had some detent issues... and went the garage hacksaw route. The current detent works, but it seems I cant get the buffer out without depressing the detent, the slapping the receiver on the ground, at which point the buffer shoots out.

Too strong of a detent spring?

Please... someone square me away. I am new, and need guidance.

Also, I am looking to trade the muzzle brake and buttock. Im looking for a lightweight buttstock (even an Moe + some boot would be fine) and a compensator (like the badger mini setup)

The rifles parts, so far as I can tell, are as follows.

-cmmg lower

-dpms upper

-dpms bcg

-dpms parts kit

-Dpms std forgrip(cant wait to Chuck it!)

-black rain ordnance 18" mid length barrel

-lp gas block (non adjustable junk)

-Moe + grip (goodbye)

-acs stock (goodbye)

-Ar stoner stainless muzzle brake (please take it from me)

Thanks for everything in advance guys! I look forward to being an active member!


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Yikes! That is as bad as I feared.

Welcome to the site. Im the one that caught your email to our FB page this morning. Your machine looks like it could use some TLC... You have a little bit of work ahead of you.

I'm going to let some of the other guys take this one. It's too much to write from my phone.

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As far as I can tell, besides being incredibly ugly, the upper doesn't seem to have any issues.

I haven't been able to fire it yet. I was thinking about having a local gunsmith check everything out. The guy I bought the rifle from said he didn't have to headspace the bolt because it was a black rain bolt and black rain barrel... it is clearly a dpms bolt...

He also gave it to me slightly dirty. I think he only shot it maybe ten times (probably because it had issues)

Since being super cleaned and lightly lived, everything seems smooth and nice now.

Should I hold off on shooting it until it gets checked out by a GunSmith?

Edited by beachmaster
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There's a definite issue with the back of the carrier hitting the lower receiver.  Something's not right there.


The bottom of the carrier has a channel in it, so that buffer detent isn't damaged from the carrier hitting it - it's damaged from the buffer slamming into it during forward travel.  The only way it can do that is if it's NOT in contact with the bolt carrier. 


First, on that thing, you need to verify what buffer you have in there, and what buffer spring you have in there.


I'll get to more later.  Welcome aboard, man. 

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welcome aboard Beach ! If it was me....I would start by getting a new 308 spring/buffer....and fix the spring issue with the detent for the buffer....seen that same beat up receiver picture elsewhere :) Wash

also you gotta smooth out the beat up stuff in the buffer tube area of the lower

Edited by washguy
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You can see that the top of the detent that I found in the rifle it bent... I dont seem to have any resistance or grinding as the bolt travels in either direction. From the pictures do you think he could have fixed the problem and its just ugly?

The the buffer damage made a slight deformation which stuck out on the edge, so I very slowly sanded it, then took a polishing wheel to it until it was smooth, removing very little material. Now all of its edges are smooth.

So is the issue I have caused by the cmmg lower, or the buffer tube?

What should I do from here? Do I buy a new buffer and spring? Or is that putting a bandaid on my elbow for a broken knee?

If I do need to buy a buffer and spring, what should i get? (Brand, weight spring, weight and style buffer, etc)

The guy I bought it off of said he had a adjustable gas block on it at first, but it shot so well without it that it didn't need it... im sure... lol it will get a syrac eventually.

Against everything I have already experienced from this guy, I should probably dig my heals in and expect the worst. My buddy said I should just sell it, but I couldn't bring myself to sell a questionable firearm.

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That sounds likely... it looks like he cut into the buffer tube to wrap around the detent. Since there are plenty of threads left, so that the buffer tube could be threaded in further, what if I cut his whole debacle off, smoothed the edges, then screw it back in so the flat edge barely holds the detent in place, then lock it in?

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I was waiting till I could see these pictures on a big screen. I couldn't get a full grasp of the details from my phone.

Get out your wallet....

I think you have an AR15 buffer and buffer spring in there. You can grab a standard set for about $50. Most of us have installed the tungsten buffer from heavybuffers.com along with the Armalite buffer spring.

While you're in there, it wouldn't hurt to replace that damaged buffer tube. Don't bother trying to "repair" the old one. They actually are supposed to be a certain length and shape. That should only cost you about $30 to replace... of course there are options that you could choose that'll cost a lot more.

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^^^ yup.. robocop's right.


Get a matching buffer/spring/tube set and make sure the spring/buffer is meant for a 308 (the 308 buffers are about 3/4" shorter than their AR15 counterparts). I'd also switch out the retaining detent since it's bent.


I've seen some buffer tubes with a notch for the detent but others work fine without (most rifle length tubes are not notched while the carbine length ones are). Some carbine length buffer tubes have a slight profile at the edge to match the receiver too. This is because the carbine tubes have to be lined up "one way" while the rifle tubes do not have an orientation associated with it. The notch and profile help the alignment.

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I agree, you need a new new buffer retainer and spring, new spring and buffer as well as tube. Check out Fulton Armory, this is what they sell the items at. You can also check around on Midway USA, Rainer Arms ect. You will also need a spanner wrench to remove the Buffer Tube Locking Ring / Castle Nut that mates the buffer tube with the lower receiver. It looks like the guy who owned it before you did one of  few things, he mixed parts. He could have put in the wrong combination rifle length / CAR  buffer and spring in. Or mixed a buffer / buffer spring from a AR-15. It also appears that the upper lower could have been nice and tight and the thought that by cutting on the buffer tube, it might allow the rifle to open up easier. I would just bite the bullet ( sorry couldn't resist ) and just buy the below parts. Shoot the rifle makes sure it functions. You have a decent looking set up with a after market barrel, DPMS free float tube and possibly a DPMS upper receiver and a CMMG lower. Welcome to the group


Buffer Retainer & Spring $1.95

Titan Buffer CAR NOT RIFLE LENGHT $39.95

Titan Buffer Spring CAR NOT RIFLE LENGHT $9.95

Providing your stock is commercial nor mil-spec, Buffer Tube 5 Position CAR Civillian $26.95

I would also order a Buffer Tube Locking Ring $4.95 incase the red neck genius screwed that up also. 

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Wow, awesome info.

I checked out the Fulton armory stuff, and it ended up being a bit pricey...

I double checked things on brownels and got the full set by dpms with that super ugly pardus stock for $56, a magpul ctr stock, and a high standard (I think) spring and detent.

Oh, and they have magpul 20 rnd mags for $16 so I picked on of those up as well. :-D

Im sure the quality wont be on par with the fulton armory gear, but the real reason I went this route was some guy showed an incorrect way of removing the magpul acs stock... I tried it, not understanding the mechanism, and thinking it was more similar to the issue buttstock I had, and I ripped the cantilever lever right off.

So it begins... this is how I must learn every time I guess :/

Edited by beachmaster
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I checked out the Fulton armory stuff, and it ended up being a bit pricey...


It's a .30-cal AR, man.  Everything about it is pricey.


There's no way around that.  At all.


If you stick around here long enough, we'll ruin you to the point that you realize this part of the game is nothing...  I'm just sayin'...

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It's a .30-cal AR, man.  Everything about it is pricey.


There's no way around that.  At all.


If you stick around here long enough, we'll ruin you to the point that you realize this part of the game is nothing...  I'm just sayin'...

I had to put bread on the table this month, so I went the dpms route. I hope I dont end up regretting all of it, but if I do, lesson learned. Hopefully everything goes smoothly!

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I should be getting my parts in tomorrow, and shooting saturday. Once I have installed the buffer assembly, I will post pictures.


Since I will be testing the rifle for the first time, I was thinking to load one round into the magazine the first time to make sure the bolt locks back, to see how it is gassed. Then hand load 4 more rounds without magazine, cleaning the bore after each shot, and checking the buffer tube for damage. Then 5 rounds at a time, and doing the same.


Is this about the procedure that is recommended? Seems like common sense to me, am I missing anything?

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sounds like a plan.....but if it were me I would forget the bore cleaning after each shot...why dont you give the bore a cleaning before you go shoot....then just make sure she locks back...very critical on sorting out a problemo rifle....then shoot er up....as the guys always say...wet her up nice and good  :) Wash

Edited by washguy
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