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This the first year that I will use my Rock River Predator. I have killed deer into the next zip code with my 25/06 but I have handed it down to my son what I am trying to find is a bullet that I can load that will have expansion at long ranges (600) as well as 50 yards. I don't want to hear about shot placement I am not a rookie shooter, but I don't have experience with the 308 any ideas

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165gr Sierra game king

Great place to start. You have a one in ten barrel twist, which it should match up with nicely,and the Game King is right up there in ballistic coefficient for long distance work. I have been using a 165 Grain Sierra BTHP for deer since 1980. Never had to use a second shot. But that was for whitetail, sounds like you may be after Muleys.

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PS. Rumor has it that Barnes is making a new 125gr for the 300Blk. It's supposed to rival the 110gr that won everyone's heart last year


I think they are already making it. The Barnes 110gr Vor-TX in 300 AAC with black tipped Tac-TX projectiles. One LGS had them at $30.99 and I bought up all 5 (other places had it at $32-$35/box) just to see how they do accuracy-wise, and also get more factory 300 AAC brass for reloads later on. The LGS has since raised the price to $32.99. Considering that other LGS's want $39.99 for Remington Premier Match 125gr OTM, I thought the price was reasonable.


[EDIT - Silly me, I misread Robo's post]





Actual bullet load:



Range report upcoming... perhaps at the next Marana shoot.

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^^^  They've got a whole shelf of that stuff at Cabela's.  Man up and drive to the West Side...  <lmao>



OP, you have a Rock River Predator...  but you didn't say what caliber.   Now, obviously, this is a 308AR board, so everyone is ASSuming that you're talking about a .30-cal projectile here...  In light of that, the above recommendations are sound.  Very sound.


However, if you have a 5.56 gun, but just didn't specifiy that, then there's only ONE round for you. 


Barnes 70gr TSX.  You can only find it as loaded ammunition from Silver State Armory anymore.  Barnes isn't even producing the projectile for civilian customers these days.  THAT is a deer-slayer.  <thumbsup>

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Barnes 168 ttsx it is THE bullet I have killed elk, bear, deer, infact whatever you shoot with them in Fooked and they are accurate and no partians to fail pure copperand mushroom every time and make two hole one entering and one exit blood trails are like a carpet, but the thing I like best is because they do not fragment no tearing up meat and not a lot of bloodshot either... I have been shooting barnes for over 20 years...trust me no forked tounge stuff here just the truth!

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I don't reload but all we've ever used in our group were whinchester power point or max bonded 150 or 180 I've used them in my 30-06 and now my .308.

The past few weeks I've been finding the Barnes ammo the guys are talking about at Walmart for 39.99 a box I've never seen them before on a shelf in a box store anyways. I picked up two boxes, was in gander the other day they had the same ones for 49.99 a box, most places online in my quick search were 40-44$. I plan on using them on my bear hunt this fall

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