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Does Flaming Pig = Heavy Buffer ?????


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A question about a muzzle device to tame the blast from my PM 400 has got me thinking pinch.png
The Noveske flaming pig I have is said to create more back pressure, does this mean I'll have to change buffers for a heavier one?
Most of the reading I've done are cases when an AR pistol needed one to gain pressure and help it function, not my issue at all.
So far this "pistol" has not missed a beat, I sure don't want to mess that up. I don't want it to start beating itself up either....
Any suggestions or first hand experience? ?????

My wife bought the pig for me as a Christmas gift so I'd like to use it, don't want her to stop getting me cool stuff for my guns you know!

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The PM400 has been boringly reliable, never a glitch in over 1,000 rounds or so. 2 moa at 100 yards with a red dot, about 6 moa at 200 yards with irons. I went 400 rounds without cleaning it, no issues I just couldn't stand leaving it dirty anymore. If you want the "pistol brace" extended some then it needs tape or a hose clamp to keep it from creeping forward from recoil. A tad loud but maybe the flaming pig will help redirect the blast some. I'm going to mount a scope for the next range trip so I'll see just what kind of group I can get.

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  • 4 months later...

Wow, took me 5 months to find the answer... 


Spike's T2 in the 7.5" pistol, and H buffer in the 11.5 pistol.  Keep in mind, both those buffers are working with the extra weight of the added bolt carrier adapter of the Law Tac Folding Stock Adapter.  That thing is made of steel, and it's got some weight to it, also.  I think you could easily run the H3 buffer in a 7.5" pistol with the KX3 on the end of it.  Worth a shot.






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Thanks, I've got a T2 in my Spikes/Armalite rifle right now. I think I'll get a T3 and see if the pistol likes it or the T2. Guess I should figure out what Sig put in there to start with...........

Any suggestion on springs? Stick with the stock springs or try one of those "heavy" springs that get hyped up by the sellers? 

I finally found a guy here in Mississippi that will swap the flash hiders for me. Two in a row declined the work saying the factory bird cage was "too hard to get off"???? I tried again myself but my portable Stanley aluminum vise isn't up to the task, tears up the table and bends the mounting bolt.

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It ran ok on the standard factory buffer but it felt a little smoother with the heavier buffer in. I also noticed the ejection pattern changed a bit, from an erratic 2-3 o'clock to around 4 o'clock with the brass in a tighter pile, less bending for my wrecked back is a welcome bonus.

If the T3 buffer is to heavy then I'll just have to get an upper in a bigger caliber so I can use it ::) can't let a good part just sit around you know............

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Any suggestion on springs? Stick with the stock springs or try one of those "heavy" springs that get hyped up by the sellers? 


I run Armalite springs in everything except for two rifles - I just don't know what that rifle-length spring was.


In one other particular rifle, I wore out the Armalite spring, and replaced it with a Sprinco "Blue" carbine spring.

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