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1-11:25 twist rate and appropriate grain ammo

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Knights Armament made their M110 barrel in that twist rate, by design.  They concluded that is was the best twist rate to meet the accuracy and range needs of the solicitation for the SASS program. Amongst those requirements was the direct specification that it use M118LR ammunition




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In the 1930's Springfield Arsenel( the real one) made a batch of extremely accurate bbls.   Turned out one of the rifiling machines had slipped a gear, and made a batch of 1-11 bbls.

   The Gvts "fix"???   Destroy all the 1-11 bbls and re-set the machine to 1-10.



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How far you plan on shooting? That twist will run up to 180grains. Lot of the guys I've been shooting with been running the laupua 155 scenars with 46 grains of Varget. With that twist. Should been in high 2800 out of a gas gun out of there bolt guns they are running low 2900. That keeps the bullet supersonic to a grand. I would work up to that 46 if you are reloading.

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No. A twist rate doesn't have anything to do with a specific patterned rifle. I was just pointing out that Armalite's rifles (for the most part) have the 1:11.25 twist rate. Nothing else.

Armalite also recommends a 168 gr bullet with those barrels for optimum performance.

I am going to be testing 168 and 175 SMK's reloads in both my 1 in 11.25 and my 1 in 10 Armalites in the near future to see what matches up the best. I will do a report when I do.

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Tried new reloads' unfortunately in a 20 gusting to 40 mph wind which caused accuracy to suck. Had to halt 175 gr SMK's BTHP, showing signs of overpressure with 42 gr of RE15. 168 grains in AR10T carbine, AR10A4 rifle below, along with an M118LR control group in the rifle. All shot at 100 yards. Did not bother to fine tune scopes in that wind.

AR10T 168 gr with 42 gr RE15 6 shot group


AR10A4 168gr 5 shot group


M118LR 6 shot control group in AR10A4.


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