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I own and shoot copulas amounts of ammo thru two Kimbers, comparing brands is like comparing hair color on a woman you will never win!!! and there is nothing wrong with Kimbers safety I am over 10 thousand rounds thru my custom Tactical 2 and over 6 thousand thru my pro carry they are awesome pistols.... get one and enjoy and their customer service is great....

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As a custom gunsmith I got my start in 1911's almost 50 years ago.   Nothing "over the counter" seemed just right to me.

   I bought a Kimber ultra carry II, about 5 years ago.   The only thing I'v done to it was change the front sight!

   Since then, I bought a solo for my wife.  I'v done NOTHING to it but shoot it.  NO FTF of any kind.

    Todays 1911's are light years ahead of what even custom guns were in the 70's and 80's.

     Find one you like, and go for it!



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Omg. I'm in love with that Electra.

Thanks Robo Both of em are Char's The escort is her carry .. the elektra is her house baby

all the elektras come with funky pearl grips....first thing after getting the elektra in black was

"Honey is there another kind of grip you can get for my baby?" <lmao> Wash

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Why isn't it allowed ???


That is a beauty what do they have against it??


Very similar to my communist State, albeit even more so, MA has an "Approved Handguns" roster...




Here we call it the "Saturday Night Special Law". It was started in the 80's to get get cheap/unsafe guns out of the state.... Of course it was taken WAY out of control and now it is a real bitch trying to get a new handgun through the process. Cali may have outdone MA this year by requiring "Micro Stamping" as of Jan 2015.

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In CA and MA, Handguns have to have to be approved for safety AND not qualify in the AWB definition.... So that "Not Legal in California" sticker is on a LOT of gun boxes.... Hell, it's on ALL of my gun boxes.




PS. Its not that the gun is "illegal" to own/possess in California. It's just a restricted item in regards to availability and features. The verbiage on the sticker is misleading and has caused some confusion in the past.

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I love it! It feels great in the hands and shoot great also. The weight is prefect for a shooter. I went out today and held a scorpion 380..it was nice also. The shop I am dealing with was closed but I will be talking to them tomorrow morning. If they can't get what I want then the shop I was at today can and they are aslo the ones who had the Scorpion 1911 I have on the shelf. I can get the TacOps TB 1911 for 938.00 so we will see.

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