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I can't stop fishing


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I got the bug bad this year I think I have had the fishing poles out more than the .308 and thats ok for now. Especially when I bring this home  <thumbsup>




We had a little bit of everything Walleye, Crappie, Catfish and White Bass. The Walleye was 22" and the crappie 11" to give you a size reference.  


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  • 8 months later...

Back home visiting the family in Michigan. Hooked an 8 pound Rainbow last night which we just had for dinner tonight. Heading back out again this weekend for more trout and walleye. Love fishing in the Great Lakes!

They call them steal head when they come out the big lake :) don't ask me why?!

Congrats I've never open water fished out there trolling??

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No kind of fish tastes better to me than a mess of filleted crappie. The reason I live here is the fine quality of the crappie. A couple of us go out right aftre sun rise. We have about six to eight places where we have brush piles. Light tackle with homemade mono crappie 2 hook rigs and minnows or sometimes we jig for them. Crappie have tender lips. Fishing is good most days that you can stand on the water in the winter time.Spring and fall is more pleasant. We use electric fillette knives.two passes and each side is done.One deep cut along the ribs, flip thefillette over and take the skin and scales off. Chill the fillets gently bread them and into the King Cajun hot peanut oil. Catfish fillettes are good but Crappie is better. I found Crappie is a bit delicate for grilling,any suggestions?

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Wrap the fish in aluminum make a pouch and put it on the grill.Season accordingly.

Yup with butter or olive oil so it don't stick love to cook walleye like that, normally season with salt and pepper with some garlic and onion or alil chipotle powder

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That sounds easy, and delicious.

I make more of a pan outta my foil basicly roll out a sheet of foil alil longer than my fillets and roll the edges a few times to keep any oil/butter/juices from dipping into the grill to make it flare up. And when I do walleye I do one pan for each fillet then I can do different seasoning on each

Wash I catch walleyes like that all year round:) I LOVE hush puppies

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