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Well ladies. It's been a while since I updated on this topic. But I finally got my $hit together and pieced my 10 SBR back together. Yes, I know.....it seems like it's been quite some time since I was bitching about the other rail letting go. But HEY! $hit's been fuked up for me the last couple of months since my work (read as real job) has been in a downward spiral. Anyway, I finally got around to putting my girl back together. And yes..........she's the love of my life (well.......maybe she's a close second.....or it's tie).


Well...for those of you just joining us from some other previous program. I'll give a brief re-cap. Pull the covers up and get ready for the story.


I built this downright SEXY lil thing a couple of years ago. And she was almost perfect. Ever since I learned of the Leonidas project on the Noveske website, I was determined that I'd build one. For those that may not know, Noveske patterned their N6 platform off of the Armalite 10B specs. Well, for those of you that know me....that was already a winning combination (after all......I am the Armalite pusher). Check that box. We all know that Noveske makes high quality AR components. Check that box too. They also make exceptional barrels in satin stainless. Check that box also. Well.......you marry all of this man-made, machined goodness together and you end up with one totally BAD-ASSED rifle. All it is, is pure unadulterated SEX.


So, I built this sex machine (said like James Brown), and the only proper part that I was missing was the rail system. At the time, the (SWS made) rail for a true Leonidas was almost impossible to find. So, I threw it out here to my brothers to help come up with an idea for a work-around. My man Edgecrusher (Greg) found almost the perfect substitute for the Noveske rail. The perfect length and look that I was going for since I couldn't find the "proper" rail. My hat's still off to you brother. You found that thing damn near instantly. So, I bought that rail from Ranier. Unfortunately, it wasn't too long before the rail physically broke at it's weakest point. An attachment pin on the bottom of it that locked it into place. Now I won't bash Ranier on this. The rail was made for them by a 3rd party. I emailed Rainer and their customer service was second to none. I threw a couple of pics their way of the weak section that had let go, and they sent me out replacement parts in a very timely manner. All was good in the world.


So, flash forward about a year (or so). Out at the range one day, the rail broke again in the EXACT same spot. Needless to say, that pissed me off to no end. I came back home.....got on the board here....and was ranting and raving as I was still seeing red from the damn thing letting go for a second time in the exact same place. Once again.....no fault of Ranier......the rail was made for them by a 3rd party. Apparently it just couldn't stand the pounding that an AR-10 can dish out. But this time.....I was done. Promptly pulled the rail off and crushed it in a vice......just to make myself feel good. I didn't care about the cost at that point. It was time to look for another alternative. And that was when I remembered another brother posting (from months before that) that he had the exact Noveske rail that I was looking for. A big "Thank You" to geistacwm (Matthew) for still having it, and letting me get it off of him. He was also cool enough to send the proprietary nut wrench along with it. Which since, I've bought my own, cause you never know if you're gonna have to pull the barrel for some damn reason. But that was still very cool of him to offer it up like that.


So here she is ladies....completely assembled again. Too early for pics with the SDN6 on her at this time. The Rocksett is still setting up.





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For the newer members.


Armalite AR-10 upper/lower receiver

Armalite BCG

Armalite LPK

Geissele SSA trigger

BAD-ASS safety

Noveske (SWS) rail

Noveske 11" Leonidas barrel (w/noveske lo-pro gas block and tube)

Houge grip

Magpul (plain jane) CTR stock)

Armalite tube and spring

Heavybuffers  CAR-10 XH buffer


Troy forward grip

Elcan SpectreDR 1-4x optic

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Good for you R2 ! Nice stuff !

BUT ... I am a little disappointed that this wasn't about MRAD upgrades.

I wish. MRAD upgrades would go a little deeper in my pocket. Really, just some nice Glass would be all I really need though. Especially since all of you rat bastards flipped for the Evo bipod as a surprise Christmas present. I still haven't forgiven you dirty rotten pricks for that either. <laughs>  As I said initially......my work has spiraled for the last couple of months. But that's a whole thread on it's own. And it's downright depressing. Loyalty........or lack there of........has struck again. I'll fill you guys in, somewhere else.

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Once again. Not too far off. My boy (son) and his old lady want to move to the Reno area. That's where she's from. Now I hate the heat. And that's why I'm more of a Wyoming type of guy. But it's still the western regions. Wait a minute. You're in California! That doesn't count. <laughs>

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Reno ain't bad as far as heat goes. You'd be real close to Lake Tahoe....yet not in California. Reno would be damn fine. I'd like to get out of California, but I'm involved in a family business that's been in San Diego since 59. I'm the 3rd generation. Maybe we need to open up a Phoenix office.

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DNP - I Double-Dog Dare Ya on the Phoenix Office...  :banana:


Ron - I SAW him post that rail, then say it's sold.  I even sent you a PM saying I knew what ya did...   <lmao>


Ron again - The Great Southwest is HOT.  Your career field is HVAC.  Hmmm...    Maybe they call that "Job Security?..." 

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