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What's your CCW?


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If you are a concealed firearms licensee, or leo, or not...  What is your concealed carry weapon of choice?  Post a picture if you like, list mods, etc...

I personally carry a Colt Mustang Stainless Pocketlite most of the time, I also have a Ruger LCP with Crimson Trace, and several others.  I carry my H&K Compact Tactical in the truck, also a S&W 9mm, and my jacket pocket pistol is a Berreta M20 in 25acp.

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Madhouse, good to see a little Kimber representation, man!  ;D  I'm a Kimber freak, myself, and that's not good - for my wallet. 

I've got "good days" and "bad days" - everything in the world revolves on what the projected activities are. 



My "really, really bad day" option is a Kimber BP Ten II with a spare 4-mag belt rig.  That's a REALLY bad day, right there, and long guns are projected with it...  >:(

I'm having a seriously bad time right now trying NOT to buy a Pro Carry 4" - it's tearing me up.  :-[

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I carried a 39-2 'smith for years. Picked up a 3914 and started carrying that. Use a Mustang Pocketlite for very discrete carry. Lately I;ve been trying a Colt Delta Gold Cup, as I really like the 10mm cartridge. Sometimes I'll pack a 2 1/2" 66, or a 4" 629, or a 4" 19, just because I like them, and I can carry whatever I want to now. I figure self defense is more attitude than aptitude, and I'll make do with whatever I happen to have on me.

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