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Ditched the bolt action 308's for the semi autos

The Father

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Had the required bolt action 308's. Had a heavy barrel Savage Model 10 and the Remington model. Never could shoot it the way it was intended. The great sub MOA groups never happened. So if figured I should have fun shootin a 308. Sold the bolt actions at the Crossroads of the West Gunshows and then got the semi autos. First was the M1A 308. Have the standard and a SOCOM. Fun to shoot and do pretty good exclusively with iron sights. Felt and tasted the Daniels Defense DD5's , the DPMS Gen2 and so forth at CABELAS. Daniels Defense felt sweet, but I had the guy at the range whip out his new DD5 and proceed to click, click, click on his first attempts to shoot the thing. I am sure he did not clean or lube the BCG or any other part of the rifle. So anyway, I got cheapest one I could find, which was the PSA version of the AR in the 308. So after 1500 rounds of mostly surplus Hirtenberger 308 with zero misfires, zero fail to fire, zero failure to feed I find the PSA to be a good deal. All the rounds through the PSA AR in the 308 have been iron sights, if Magpul flip ups count as iron. Today I got the Vortex something or the other in the 6.5-20x44 size. Will see what kind of special groups I can produce with this optic and rifle. 

After shooting a 308 AR a .556 just really feels paltry at best. But with 20,000 rds of 556, 223, and 5.45(for AR) I guess I'll still shoot them.

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Welcome to the forum. It sounds like PSA might have gotten their issues under control. As far as all that undesireable 5.56 ammo, consider donating it to the "Sisco Benevolence Society"  Where it would be put to good use.:fullauto: M1A's are fun as well.  there is a service rifle sub thread on the forum if you like to talk  about them.

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Is that model Savage specd with irons?  I miss having an iron sight rifle and I have been eyeing a Savage Hog Hunter. My neighbor just picked one up and I really like that thing a lot the balance is fantastic, stock leaves a bit to be desired, but dang for $450 bucks a suppressor ready bolt with nice irons is a nice deal in my book.  If your Savage has irons let me know I might be up for it if you have not sold it already.  

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