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Another newbie!


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Howdy, y'all! (That's a friendly hello to one of you. If it had been sent to more than one, it would have been "all y'all." Got to have your grammar right!) :thumbup:

It seems like I'm supposed to tell you about myself. Well, I'm an X. Ex-Navy, ex-firefighter, ex-police officer, ex-firearms instructor, and more. I finally ended up being a computer systems engineer (but they wouldn't give me my engineer's hat, so I quit that too) and now I'm having fun with words (I'm a writer, editor, and publisher) and figuring out how to enjoy life. That last one is an on-going process.

My handle, Sharpshooter, I earned when I was a cop. I went to a combat shoot back in the mid-70s. I'd worked the day shift and had to hurry to get there before the match closed. I shot in the last group of the day. One of the range officers had been there since dawn and had shot in the first group. He'd scored a 533 out of 600, the top of the Sharpshooter class. A 534 would be in the Master class, so he had that Sharpshooter's trophy tied up! Nine hours later, I showed up and shot a 533, just like him, but I had 13 bullseyes ... he had 12. I edged him by a bullseye, and took home the trophy and a new nickname. I think he eventually forgave me ... :fullauto:

I've lurked here for the past couple of days and the interplay between you people really impresses me! :hail: I hope I can fit in too.

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Well after a few posts, the first in the incorrect string, I’ll say hello.  I am a professional pilot for a major carrier, nra pistol and rifle instructor and new to the 308 ar.  From my previous posts I don’t follow the norm as my rifles both Ar10 as well as the Ar15 are wildcats.  The 375Raptor and the 7Raptor.


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8 hours ago, washguy said:

Welcome from Texas Shooter..and Thank You for your Service!  So you are ex this and ex that...how bout telling us bout ex wives?:laffs:

So lets get busy and build something....      Wash

Oh, you had to bring that up! I went through 3 of them before I found my last (and I do mean last!) one. We've been together now for coming on to 33 years. I think I'll keep her. Yes, she gave me permission to say that! :bitchslap: (I'm the one getting the slap, of course.)

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Shooter     :laffs:   daamn im only a 2 time loser ....good for you on the last... the one and only!  I told Char that this better be my last rodeo !  I cant seem to make it past 10 years though...

I think you will fit real nice in here....:laffs:   Wash 

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