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Jumping into the AR-308 World, Hello Everyone!


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Hey guys! I'm new here, obviously! Hello!

This is my second attempt at an AR-308 build! First try was a used AR-308 that my friend built and then traded me for a GLOCK 19 Gen5. Was a kit build from Ground Zero Precision and I had NOTHING but problems with it. Was an Areo M5 upper/lower but with Ground Zero's LPK, barrel, BCG group etc. The thing failed to fire more times than I can count. I ended up trying my G SSA-E in the thing and it did not help. When it did go bang, I had a ton of casings get stuck in the chamber. Ended up trading it for something else.

I wasn't even going to bother with AR-308's again but I lucked into a Daniel Defense AR-10 Lite Rail 12.0", which is a rail I've wanted for YEARS. It has been discontinued and one day I just kinda found one used with a DPMS barrel nut for $150.00 dollars shipped. 

Well, I got my second AR-308 and this time it's an actual ArmaLite  AR-10 "B" Pattern. I specifically wanted a "B" pattern because I wanted to clone the COLT AR-10 that Armalite made some years ago as a proof of concept for a Military contract. Joe from DD managed to find me a couple DD AR-10 barrel nuts which he sent over for free and here I am!

I think I still want to do something based on the COLT AR-10 Proof of Concept build but I want to keep the SOPMOD stock. I may go 18" barrel though if I can FIND one! Trying to find an actual Armalite AR-10 18" Match Grade Target barrel, so far no luck and Armalite doesn't respond to emails! Other than that I want to keep everything else the same.

Anyway here is a picture of what I have no as well as the COLT AR-10. I like the way the rifle length barrel looks with that gas block. I have one of those gas blocks sitting here already but it doesn't work on the 16" barrel my AR-10 Tactical came with.




Then this is the COLT AR-10 that Armalite made for some joint Military contract that never happened. It uses the DD AR-10 Lite Rail 12.0 rail.




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ArmaLite 18" Match-Grade Target barrel finally came! Barrel and gas block are in! I went with the 18" over the 20" since I decided to go SOPMOD stock instead of A2.

ArmaLite advertises this barrel as being "Cerakoted" but it sure as hell looks like some of Melonite coating and it has some thin spots so I oiled the hell out of it. Is what it is I suppose!

Offset the Surefire M600P while I had the rail off, also installed Knights Armament sights!

Took the ACSS 1-6 off, looking for something else with more power now!


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Thank you sir! Poor mans KAC SR-25 or HK 417! ?

The rifle itself is done. Now I just need to figure out what scope I want to put on it. I WANT to try out the Primary Arms ACSS 308 HUD DMR which is a 3-18x50 but they have only had one shipment come in from overseas and its been on pre-order since the beginning of the year.

The second choice is a Viper PST Gen II 5-25x50 FFP which costs over twice as much.

OH! Also would like an Atlas bipod.

Side note for anyone looking, there is one of these rails, new in the box on Gunbroker.com right now. Not mine! It's the DPMS barrel nut pattern but if anyone snags it for an Armalite, Joe at Daniel Defense HAS Armalite barrel nuts for these, just no rails. I see like 3 WTB's in the Classifies right now with people looking for these rails!




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Road     Depends on what you wanna do with the rifle as to which scope....ive got several Nikon M-308's that work awesome with the fedgold medal 168gr....the subtensions are right on all the way out to 500,and close up work too...The only suggestion I would make is your scope mount...I like the ones built for the AR's....they tend to be higher for a better cheek weld. :thumbup:  Wash

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Nikon's M-308 scope is a nice one. Great magnification and clarity, plus as you described using Spot On you can get the distances of the circles pretty close to 200,300,400....yards. I have used mine to hit soda cans at 627 yards so don't worry about the accuracy. I also like Nikon's M-Series AR mount's with 20 MOA built into them for the exact reason you describe, better line up with my cheek weld. Nikon also has some really nice BLACK Series mounts that also work great on AR's. Here's a pic of my BLACK Series  mounts on an AR.



Screen Shot 2018-10-04 at 9.15.52 AM.png

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I really want a Vortex Razor HD GEN II 3-18X50, I mean could technically afford it and I have access to a 30% discount, but damn, that is a lot of cash for a scope I won't use too often. I mean that thing costs what another nice rifle would cost! I could build another AR-10/15 with optics for what that scope costs on its own!

My second pick it the Primary Arms 308 HUD DMR  which is also a 3-18X50 FFP but only runs $500.00.

I've also been looking at that Athlon scope you just linked as well as Nikon's. I had a Nikon P308 on another rifle but was never too impressed but I do know the M series is better.

If the PA doesn't come in-stocks shortly, I might go with the Athlon.

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3 hours ago, 98Z5V said:

The Nikon Black is pretty damn good - I've got the original Black X1000 6~24, in SFP.  You range it in 18x mag.  It lives on the 300 Win Mag bolt gun.  It's a good scope, even though Matt hates it...   :laffs: 

I have mad love for your other Nikons, the X1000 outright sucks....


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