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98Zs Mk12 Mod H in 6.5 Grendel


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I might as well get this shiit started already.  All the lower parts just got ordered, minus a trigger.  DSG Arms hooked me up.

Here's the lower - perfect lower for this one.  Bought it last summer when they dropped it, and it's been sitting in storage, waiting to grow up into something.

  This might progress faster than I want it to. 


This is what a Mk12 Mod H is, if anybody was wondering - it's a Mk12 running a 16" barrel and a different top rail (not full length):



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39 minutes ago, edgecrusher said:

Sooner or later you could be getting an Op inc can on the end of these.......

Gonna have to be the Allen Engineering AE30. I need to call them. Has to be a 30-cal can on this one, because all their other ones are 5.56 cans.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Big update coming for this one tomorrow night, but until then - here's a fantastic video on the Mk12 Mod 0 and Mod H history:


Here's the one he did for the Mod 1:


@Robert@FULL30, I'm glad you've got that guy on Full30 - he's good!  :thumbup:

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So, "the barrel that doesn't exist yet" showed up today.  SPR profile 16" Grendel barrel from BA, and it's every bit as nice as the other Mk12 profile barrels I'm got from them.  I had the lower, buttstock, VLTOR A5SR extension, and rifle spring sitting here from stock.  I needed a few parts from DSG Arms to make a lower-minus-trigger, including a VLTOR A5-H2 buffer, so I ordered that stuff up once I had confirmation from BA that the barrel was real.  I put the lower together and tossed a stock mil-spec trigger in it for now, until I can get a LaRue in it.  BA pinned the gas block on there for me, which was a surprise - I like that. 


While I was at work today, I thought about something - I have a 16" 300BLK rifle that I built up with a Precision Reflex FDE Gen III rail along time ago, just because.  I've never like the setup, as a whole, it just never went all the way to a Mk12, and I never did anything with it after that...  Shot well, but oh well.


YES!  I ripped it down!  I'll put a lightweight ALG 15" rail on that 300BLK, and I'll like it alot more like that.  I'll have a "spare" PRI folding front sight until I can "Mk12 Mod 0" something in the future - but that's how I got here in the first place - parts stored.


I put that damn Ruger GSR flash hider on there for now, so I don't ding the barrel threads.  The Allen Engineering hardware will be on this when I get it all wrapped up.

Here it is with the Mod 1:


I don't have the BCG or a charging handle, and there's ALOT of expensive PRI parts that I need to finish this, and that's gonna take MUCH time.  In the meantime, if I raid a BCG and CH from a Grendel, and maybe raid an optic from a Grendel, I can shoot it next weekend and see how it does...


Edited by 98Z5V
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To make this thing a runner for this coming weekend, I had to raid some parts.  BCG and CH from the M4 Grendel.  Well, hell then, why not take the 5x scope off it?...



I'm not in it for a 5x scope, though - I want to stretch this thing out a little.  At least 600 or 700, so let's just go grab the scope off the 25/45 for this weekend, instead.  It's meal-dots, so I can definitely make this work.  I'll combine the drop data between the 18" and the 12.5", and come up with a decent starting-chart for it for Sunday.  If I can pull off something accurate, I'll true the velocity with the Kestrel.   This is where it'll sit for awhile, while i figure out money, everywhere.  Too much money, everywhere, that I need to figure out. 


Edited by 98Z5V
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@MikedaddyH is coming down in the morning, and a buddy from work - I have an invitation out to the hot MX chick, but she said she didn't know what her plans were yet.  That's probably not gonna happen tomorrow, but it will happen sometime...  We're gonna shoot, and I'll run this thing through it's paces. I'll try to set up something between 500 and 660 yards, but that all depends on if other people come out there and shoot - like the dude that came out for pistol practice, and set himself up about 100 yards away from a 660 yard target, for me and @Matt.Cross at last year's Spring Shoot... :laffs: 

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  • 2 months later...

Here are the initial range results on this build, contained in this thread, linked:

I've made a temporary change to the gun - the scope mount.  This will benefit the gun now, as it is, and it will benefit the 25-45 Sharps gun in the long run (that the gun I stole this scope from, to run it). 

@Bruiser bought a Nikon 20-MOA scope mount that was not the right one for his scope, and I mentioned I'd buy it from him.  We traded PMs back and forth, and I bought him the mount he needed and had it drop-shipped right to him.  In exchange, he sent me the original mount he bought.  Even trade, straight across.  At first, I wasn't going to use the mount on this gun, but the more I thought about it - in the long run, at 25-45 needs a mount with some serious MOAs in it.  Might as well put it on this Mod H now, run it this way - and when I get the permanent optic, top rail, and adjustable scope rings for the Mod H - everything just goes back on the 25-45 as it is, already leveled in the mount.



Here's the scope that will ultimately go on this rifle - It's a re-release of the R-GRID that they stopped about a year ago - it's now the R-GRID 2B:


This is perfect for a Grendel, or a .260 Rem that won't go crazy distances (**cough cough...   @ARTrooper... )  .  Perfect.  :thumbup:




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Precision Reflex (PRI) is the original manufacturer of the handguard on the Mk12 SPR rifle program, for US SOCOM (5th Special Forces Group, in particular, is where the "idea" and concept started).  It's a carbon fiber sleeve, and strong enough to crush some heads.  It's not crazy-light, but it IS crazy strong for how light it is.  It's a beast.

If you want to see examples of it, just Google search "Mk12 Mod 0" and you'll get a TON of pics on it. :thumbup:



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  • 11 months later...
1 hour ago, N Doza said:

ave you found out if the collar on the BA 16" 6.5 SPR barrel is in the right location for the AE collar and won't tuck under the rail... looking at the pictures of the barrel I'd looks  farther away than normal



I have their SPR barrel in 6.5 Grendel, and the short answer is yes, the barrel profile is exactly correct for the collar.


That's the Ops Inc 12th model with brake and collar mounted on my BA 6.5 Grendel SPR barrel.

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