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First .308 build just finished.

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I just finished piecing together my first .308 AR. I have had a .308 before, years ago, sold it when we needed some cash. Been gathering parts for a while, but as of now it's finished. Well, shootable is probably more correct. I borrowed a scope from another rifle for now, but one is on the way, as is the light. 


I went with the Aero Precision M5 receivers.  I used the Aero LPK, but with a Geissele SSA-E trigger, and an ambi-selector. I wanted as short as possible, but without going through the SBR papers again like I did for my "little" AR. I prefer a VFG over an AFG, and even though it would be over 26", I don't want to be putting a pistol brace on it. I also prefer a real stock.  I chose the BA Hanson 14" barrel, then had a Warcomp pin, and welded. Rail is by Midwest Industries. Lantac enhanced BCG, with a Raptor charging handle, and the heavy JP Silent Capture spring buffer set. I'll be testing her out soon, to see how she shoots. The current Nikon M308 will go back to it's home when my Primary Arms 1-8 (I like the ACSS reticle) and Surefire Scout light gets here.    

308 AR on deck.JPG

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I had forgotten I was even on this forum... Too bad. I hope I didn't end up selecting any parts that end up not working well together. Here's the recap... Sorry if I get repetitive. I forget poop all the time. I got a TBI in Iraq in '05.

This is my first build in the .308 world. Up til now I've only dabbled in the 5.56/.300 Blackout world. I was looking to step up to a more powerful weapon, but still have as small of and light carbine as I could get. I didn't want to do another SBR and have to wait forever again. I also didn't really want to do a pistol brace with the .308.

I started with a Aero Precision receiver set, and went with a 14" BA Hanson barrel, then had a Warcomp pin, and welded so it would be legal length. I chose the Lantec enhanced BCG thinking I may get a can in the future. I'm using the JP silent Captured buffer set up, and a SSA-E trigger. Light is a Surefire scout light, and the scope is a Primary Arms 1-8 I got primarily to get the ACSS reticle.

It's only had one outing as of yet just to break it in, and zero it. It shot very well, but it did fail to lock open on an empty mag twice with the PMC bronze I was using. I have several other types of ammo to try so I can find out what it likes. I also have the other two springs from the JP set to swap out if need be. Overall, I'm pleased so far. I guess more range time will tell.

Here she is in her final form...


I also had to order a new chest rig as I had nothing big enough to hold the .308 mags. I got the DC3R Heavy from Haley Strategic. It's very nicely built. I can also use it with my 5.56 mags, so I may just quit using my other rig all together.  

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Keep it we’ll lubed. It took a a hundred rounds or more before I stopped having issues with mine.  Lock up was spotty for the first few mags. My receiver was known to be problematic with Pmags, but after a bit it doesn’t seem to care any more. There are a handful of things that can lead to the lock back problem. Watch for signs of anything that doesn’t look normal. Feed it some ammo for a bit and see how it breaks in. If it’s still having problems or if you see other signs of wear and abuse where there shouldn’t be...work those out. I wouldn’t change anything until you know it’s not just being stubborn with the break in. 

Good looking set up, enjoy!

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