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Nascar bans gun ads

Belt Fed

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11 hours ago, DNP said:

Laughable. Might as well ban alcohol and tobacco products too. Maybe their market really is more than a bunch of rebel flag waiving, good time having, gun toting rednecks after all. But I doubt it. 

Right?!!?   :laffs:  Remember NASCAR's WINSTON CUP SERIES?!...   :lmao:

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On ‎8‎/‎30‎/‎2019 at 1:40 AM, 98Z5V said:

Right?!!?   :laffs:  Remember NASCAR's WINSTON CUP SERIES?!...   :lmao:

Even before that. When it was still the "Grand National" Series

Yes. I remember all too well the Winston Cup years. And a lot of good times at races.

It was pretty much a sign, when Winston (RJ Reynolds) dropped their sponsorship of the sport in the early 2000's. The sport was already changing radically. More drama...less focus on the actual mechanical aspect. Shocker...some of us actually followed the sport for the mechanical performance/car setup/race strategy angle, rather than the bull$hit they started shoveling in the average viewers direction. We could care less what a "driver" did when he (HE) wasn't behind the wheel. I mean.....who didn't love that first brake rotor cam angle, when ESPN first thought of putting it on a car at Martinsville? I think that was somewhere around '95 (ish). We could see the rotor GLOW in the corners and the tire sidewall deflect heavily as they dove into the turn. Watch the shock and spring compress as it got loaded up. My old lady would look at me and wonder why I was all steamed up about it.

Does any "modern era" fan even know who Junior Johnson is? Buddy Baker? Harry Gant? Benny Parson? And the list can go on......................

Do they even know about Rockingham? North Wilkesboro? (Great Carolina short tracks)

And don't even get me started about all of the Toyota Fags. That was a slap in the face to all the traditional Stock Car enthusiast's the moment they let them enter into the sport. And I'm not just saying that cause I bleed Ford blue. They bought their way into the series.

But.......I digress.

The fact that they've decided to ban gun/rifle sponsors doesn't surprise me in the least. This era of political correctness and social justice has destroyed yet another icon of American heritage. All we can do, is look back, at was once a great American sporting event.

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When they started messing with the point system it went downhill. Took JG24 5th title in the process. Then kept changing the rules so Chad /JJ48 would NOT win anymore titles , and it kept backfiring in their face. Now BS stage racing ! Hate the restrictor plate races, errr crash fests. Ruined Nascar but karma got his A$$ a couple years ago !


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DWI , drunk and drugs
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