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.308 AR Charging Handles


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  • 1 year later...

I've looked at some of the charging handles, wanting to replace the stock model that came on my RRA Operator.

The stock CH offers little clearance under the eyepiece of the scope (glad it is a smaller scope  ::)  ).  I'd like a recommendation for one that has decent clearance.

RRA offers the PRI Gas Buster CH but it looks like it isn't any wider than the stock one...just a bigger latch.

Thanks for your replies!


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  • 2 weeks later...

Well guys, I was looking at the Mech Armor website today and noticed a warning down at the bottom of the page.  It said there had been issues with the TacOps1 fitting certain guns...the RRA LAR-8 being one of them.

So I shot them an email and left to get the kid from school.  Coming out of the school, my phone rang from a private number.  Answered it and it was Mech Armor!  Less than half an hour after I sent the email!!

We had a discussion about the CH being a very tight fit in the RRs and that it may be possible to stone them down to fit, but the structural integrity may be compromised.


We briefly discussed my wanting the SIG 716.  They said they had some experience with the extremely well made 516s and that they have very high quality control...but don't know if the TacOps1 will fit.

Well...guess I'll have to buy a Bushie (or if Windham gets cranking out .308s)!


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  • 4 weeks later...
  • 3 weeks later...

My Addax ZK came with a Vltor gunfighter charging handle. It sticks out like a regular charging lever such as on the AK or SKS but on the other side of the gun. I have a scope directly over it to remind me how lucky I was to get a gunfighter.

I made a video of it below. At 5:20 I shifted the gun to a position that gives you a very good view of how the gunfighter compares and relates to the scope. Seeing it is a must for anyone considering the gunfighter as an answer to the charging handle-scope problem.

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Wow... I just finished up a rant on this topic in another thread.  I despise rear charging handles.

In general, they SUCK for scoped AR platform rifles.  These bulky handles help... but I don't like the look, the added weight and the additional chance to snag stuff.  And the big handles don't solve the a core problem --you have to remove yourself from shooting position if you need to charge your rifle when you're in position.

With a right side charge, you'll have to take your hand off the trigger, but you won't have to leave your position.  No need to even take your eyes off your target. Just charge it.

If you REALLY want to step it up, get a left side charger.  You don't even remove your finger from the trigger.  And if you REALLY, REALLY want to step it up, get a left-side non-ricopracting side charge upper.  Yes, she is a lot more money.  No, nobody at the range will likely have one.


This is the upper I'm saving for.

If you have some machining skills/access to a mill, you can put a slot in the upper and drill and tap your BCG for a knob.  That's a great option. If you want a low/no cost side charge upper.


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The Kaiser "REACH" system is an upgrade even beyond that! Too bad Kaiser is near extinct.

Oh man!  That Kaiser KR-7 is super nice.  It copied the HK charging handle style.  Yeah, that is very cool.  It took a while to track one down.  I stole this picture from SnipersHide so everyone could see it.  Me likey.


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  • 2 weeks later...

A bit better without sticking way the heck out there.  I have no problem charging the rifle by only pulling on the left side of the CH and have yet to bend anything on any of the rifles.  Many of my rifles are wildcats for which there is no load data available outside of a guestimate from QL, so  ruptured primer or pierced primer can be a bit of a surprise.  While I have never experienced either, I do  like the way the GB redirects gas away from the shooter's face and you know that little puff you get when shooting any DI AR?  With the GB that is totally gone.

If not for the gas deflection properties of the GB I would probably be using the Gunfighter.  I honestly think the VLTOR/BCM Gunfighter CH is stronger and less prone to breakage because the GB still has the cut out in the back for the latch and that is the weak point, but so far, thousands of racks using the left side of the GB and I have not damaged or broken anything, so it must be plenty strong enough.  Most of my rifles are scoped also and the military big latch on the GB sticks out far enough for easy charging without sticking out so far as to get in the way or snag on things.

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