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New to AR


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Retired navy and most of the shooting done in the past has been target. Never hunted, just not my thing. But loved target shooting. So long story short, have not done any shooting in the past decade or so, or may be longer. Been saving pennies for the jeep runs in retirement. Then the crap happen, son told me if I wanted a gun buy it awhile back because out of stock. So pick up a 45 cal fn, not a fan of 9. In the old days shot a 1903 springfield 30-06 sported. But in the divorce some how wound up trading it for a kid. It was ugly. It was dad's rifle but in the grand sceame of things dad would be proud of his grandson, got sole custody. This got me out of target shooting, till now. With now no where to go because of the fires and current events, on the west coast. And couple of 22's and old 12 gauge, it is really old. People said when I got it at 12 it was old then. So started looking around and talking to the kid, he has been running around the woods with paint ball and air soft since he was knee high. Damm getting schooled by the kid was interesting, how much I taught him and retaught me. With the help of the kid looking at the new fan-dang-gal rounds. Agreed the new round would be a comprised 308. Picked up a scout 308 savage, only rifle I could find with iron sights. Then found an ar10 savage long range 20" barrel and.... Not a fan of how many rounds can pop off but what can I hit. Something about the 22 bolt action with out a clip single feed by fingers to learn how to shoot. Keep looking at it on the internet and never bought or knew how on the net, said no refund and no return. Walked away from the key board a couple of times to think about it. Kid said tomorrow it will not be there, so pulled the trigger. Next day was gone. So the proud owner of an AR10 and oh forgot the kid said dad let me help you set this up. Sig Sauer SBD scope and off set iron sights, bipod. BIPOD that is an elbow in the soft part of the knee and breathing. Oh hell have to learn a different way to shoot from the old way. All the gun ranges here are shut down and the only place to shoot is on the power lines and this is not up to a 45. cal. Looking to folks to talk to and pass on experience and help me reschool. Or this is what you have and this is where your coming from. So if any want to chew the fat, let me know.

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Welcome aboard @BDPJEEP.  I went to bootcamp with a fellow nicknamed Jeep.  Unless you did 50 yrs and a wakeup it probably isn't you.  Thanks for your service.  A 20" bolt gun is a terrific piece of kit and will get you far.  Well,  good choices all around,  especially the Kid pick.  We have a bunch of good fathers here so you're in good company.  Stick around if you will, and remember pics plus sincere and detailed questions are most welcome. 

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