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My 6mm MK12


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Gentlemen, the 6mm loose MK12 clone is getting close to being functional. The Ballistic Advantage SPR 18” barrel finally arrived a few days ago, after a 3 month wait. Quad rail is the LaRue 12” free float, seriously bad ass rail. Lower is a Spikes tactical I built up with a Geissele SSA-E trigger. 

Still need to properly torque the barrel nut down, and install the gas system, but I’m loving the way this looks and feels. Weight balance is very good, granted it’s missing optics. Can’t wait to try this bastard out in the future. :banana:


Lastly, consider “The Rule” as properly upheld, even if it did take months to happen. Blame Brownells. 

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My brother - you've done very, very well.  You will love this gun, maybe more than any other.  That's not because the caliber is badass, or this or that - but, because you set a vision in your head, and you stuck to it, and waited to make it happen.  This gun had YOU behind it - not just some purchase off a shelf.

Now, don't get me wrong - 6 ARC is a baaaaad motherfucker.  BAD!!!  :thumbup::hail:  You are gonna LOVE THIS THING...  

The trigger is badass, the barrel is capable of incredible accuracy, and the cartridge is something that we haven't seen in a long, long time...   - It's innovative, and it works very, very well. 

You're gonna love it when you shoot it, and I only hope I can be your spotter when you touch it off for the first time - I'll drive to make that happen.  No kidding.

You don't paint a smiley face within 10 rounds of zero-ing that scope, though, and I'm gonna fuk with you endlessly...  :banana:The barrel and ammo is capable...  Ratchet down that loose nut that's right behind the trigger, because that's all it's gonna take.  You gotta do this, and that's why I wanna be your spotter... 



I can't WAIT to see you Yank Trigger on this thing, man.  You WAY FULFILLED your call-out on The Rule.   :thumbup:

Edited by 98Z5V
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17 minutes ago, 98Z5V said:

You're gonna love it when you shoot it, and I only hope I can be your spotter when you touch it off for the first time

I’d love that brother. I had hoped to do that this year at the fall shoot, but there is always next year. I’ll probably function test it once I get it finished up, but it won’t get any long range work until one of the shoots. 

I love the smiley face on the target, that’s one seriously accurate weapon. 

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4 minutes ago, DayWalker said:

I love the smiley face on the target, that’s one seriously accurate weapon. 

Day after I took that pic, my truck was stolen, with the targets in the back - so I can't even prove it and show it to you...   :laffs:

We'll get it done, brother.   The barrel, cartridge - and your good trigger - we can't fail.  You're gonna LOVE this platform, big time. :thumbup:

Sidenote - I just led you down the Mk12 Rabbit Hole, too...   :banana:

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Well done! If you asked me to grab a rifle and I get one for any and all missions going forward, it’ll be my mk12. It’s heavier than some of my other but it feels right, shoots lights out and is just right. Only thing I’d change is maybe going to a newer and lighter generation PRI handguard. But I’ll just work out a little more instead 


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11 minutes ago, edgecrusher said:


Those are both great looking rifles, granted I’m a sucker for FDE stuff. Love those Mod0 PRI handguards, eventually I want to build a Mod0 like that. I tend to prefer the older SOCOM builds over newer stuff, MK12s, MK18s, SOPMOD block 2s, that kind of stuff. Most people have gone to Mlok, and for sure they’re neat and lightweight. For me though, I still prefer that tough as a brick shitt house feel of a quad rail.

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19 hours ago, 98Z5V said:

He did well - he got his Mk12 together before his Pops got one together.  I'm just sayin'...   :thumbup::banana:

That's the best result. When the student surpasses the teacher.

Plus.....I've had a lot of $hit on my plate lately.

But not using that as an excuse. The boy (fukin 32 year old man) has done well.

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17 hours ago, Radioactive said:

That’s the one!

Precision Reflex, Inc carbon fiber free float tube.  Same design as used on the Mk12 Mod 0. 


They just started doing some UNREAL cool stuff, and are offering "packages." 



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16 hours ago, DNP said:

And only $1038!  Holy crap

When you piece those pieces altogether, it's more than that, brother.  I can't even piece that stuff together for $1038 with a 10% mil discount. 

Mk12 Mod 0's are no joke to build.  It's WAY cheaper to build a Mod 1.  Skeery.  You're $317 just in the sights.  $332 for the rail.  $178 for the PEQ top rail, that is the backbone that really makes a Mod 0.  $89.95 for the GasBuster with Combat Latch.  $190 for the Allen Engineering brake and collar.  I'm at $1,106.95 for all that, and that's just looking up the parts in black - not FDE.  The FDE raises the price a little. 

Maybe I could pull this a little cheaper than the $1038.  Way too much going on right now to log in and look all that shiit up again...   I bet I could pull it a little cheaper, though.

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