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New member from Montana


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Hello all,

New member here from Montana. I am totally new to the AR platform as well. I have been shooting and around guns all my life, just not the AR platform. 

I found this forum while researching how to fix a problem with a rifle I just purchased. When I got the gun unpacked and thoroughly inspected I found that it was damaged. The hand guard was pushed off to one side and the gas block was way off centered. The gun was packed well and the box was completely undamaged. I’m pretty sure it left the factory that way and was not damaged in transit. How it got by any kind of QC is beyond me!

After a lot of further research I discovered that my biggest mistake was in deciding on a “budget” rifle from Palmetto State Armory. I was pretty disappointed with their QC right out of the box. I have not fired this gun yet and have already spent additional money on parts to make it right. 

Eventually I will do a post in the Palmetto section on everything I have done or will do to make this rifle function. The one I got is the PSA 20" RIFLE-LENGTH .308 1/10 NITRIDE 15" LIGHTWEIGHT M-LOK STR SSA-E RIFLE. 

I have been reading this forum page by page for a couple of days now and have a pretty good idea of what will need to be done. A new heavy buffer and spring are on the way as well as a new rifle length gas tube. I am determined to make this “budget” gun run but would have been better off going with a different manufacturer from the beginning. Live and learn!  

My screen name, Asetechrail, denotes the fact that I used to be a ASE master auto tech who got tired of turning wrenches and went to work for the railroad. I’m currently an locomotive engineer for a shortline railroad.  I will be retiring in a couple more years and am looking forward to more time for hunting and fishing!  

Looking forward to getting to know people here and a lot of learning on my part. 

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Welcome from The Lone Star state, have a lot of relatives in Montana.  Isn't it always this way, we buy an American made firearm and expect it to run right out of the box,  Maybe someone should bloody the face of some of these dorks that think the way to make money is to sell shoddy merchandise.

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mrmackc, thanks for the welcome!

I was pretty disappointed with the rifle right out of the box. To quote off their website “All Gen3 PA10 models come with a dimpled barrel for ease of gas block replacement if you choose to do so.”

Not only was the barrel not dimpled, the gas block was shifted way off right out of the undamaged box



 I have already fixed the problem but will not be doing any more business with this company. 

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Welcome aboard from Maryland. Sounds like you have a pretty good idea on the direction that you need to go in. As others have said. PSA is ok to deal with as far as small frame AR parts, ammo and other small $hit. Large frame AR's? They just refuse to get it right for some reason. We've seen it for years now. But, you'll be able to get it to run after some proper doctoring.

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