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New to eotech

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I recently purchased an eotech 512.A65 (hws) from my lgs. Going out of business* what I've herd and what is known is the question? 

 With supplied and with lithium bats the reticle is very blurry. So blurry I have trouble seeing the hash marks (n,s,e,w)

I understand its a hologram optic and can be hard to decifer with some eyes but mine are still good. I think.  Lgs tried to tell me it's  designed to be used with a magnifier.. 

I call bs! What are your hands on experience? Should I try sending it to eotech? Pics .looks better than in person. 


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Reticle should be perfectly clear. Eotechs suck if you have astigmatism. If I look at one without my glasses I see a pixilated hazy circle. Put my glasses on and zap...perfect solid reticle. 


The magnifier thing is BS. won't make any difference. That reticle looks the same if you put it right up to your eye....push it way out far....look at it from an angle...doesn't matter. Always the same and always on target. 

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Dittos what Blue wrote.

The magnifier statement is BS as you surmised; the reticle should be clear with or without the magnifier. No wonder the place is going belly up.

When Eotechs first came out I bought one, liked it and bought another. I didn't need the armor so I removed it from the first one. I removed it from the second one also. The holes on the first one were threaded with matching screws. The second had self tapping screws and one was stripped. I called Eotech to discuss their lousy assembly and wad told that what I was holding in my hands didn't exist. Basically, don't believe my lying eyes. I stopped buying them and returned the one I had. I have no use for a company whose techs lie. I even told him that I had the parts in my hands, but it made no difference to him. No, what I was seeing didn't exist.

I've moved on to other red dot sights and they also get much better battery life than Eotech.

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What @blue109 said.  I've used alot of these.  The recommendation to tone that bitch down a little is a worthwhile recommendation, too.  Cut it back to what you need, only, for brightness, because if you're up too high on brightness, it blows out.

No magnifier needed for these things.  One of the smartest reticle in a Combat Optic ever developed.  65 MOA circle, and 1 MOA center dot.  You zero these things with the center dot for a 50/200 zero, and you're good on holds for distance - for what a dot-scope is.  The very bottom of that circle, with the 50/200 on the center of it - the bottom of that circle, down there with that little hash in it - you're zero'd for 7 yards on that spot.  Every single time. 

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  • 3 weeks later...

Ok finally had another good set of eyes and he sees what I see.. its blury or missing pixels he says. It hit what I was aiming at constantly.  New pistol 308. Thanks again to @blue109 the pistol is a bit gassy in the eyes with the can but ran, probably the smoothest semi I have built to date. I forgot to bring the allen wrench for the gas block, but we sent 20 rnds and brass was perfect. Lock back was perfect. Sight worked at estimated 75 yds. I'll  turn this into also my build thread for detail. 

Areo upper / lower , BA barrels gas port drilled to .093 ,carbine gas tube ," ar 10" buffer and spring , SA adjustable gas @unforgiven   thanks for one of those, I bought another for the 16" rifle. The bcg in the 12.5" is an areo. The 16" is a brownells i think tool craft? Hi profile dpms hg. Eotech on the 12.5" and a sig romeo 5 on the 16". The pistol has a sylvan arms folding stalk device* ( note this will potentially punch you in the lip) functions great. Report back on the 16" but its the same as before. 

I had high hopes for longer range with the eotech but its an expensive maybe. To be tested. 


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