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What 5.56 or .223 Do You Run In Your Weapons?


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Reloads in .223. To be more specific, 55 gr. FMJBT Winchester or Remington (whichever Midway has on sale) over 21 grs. of IMR 4198. If I decide I want to mess something up as opposed to just punching a hole, I have about a dozen boxes of whatever softpoints the Border Patrol issues my son. <thumbsup>

So far all I've put through my LR 308 is 100 rnds. of Tula 150 gr. FMJ. A buddy of mine picked me up about 600 rnds. of Lake City 7.62 brass from White Sands the other day and I will be getting the stuff to set up my Dillon 550B to reload soon.

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Wolf in a couple rifles for plinking at steel gongs....55 gr Nos ballistic tips, 53 gr Horn Vmax in Federal commercial brass in a 24" varmint rig.80 gr. Amax shoots fantastic in that rifle also but turns it into a single shot.....77 gr. Sierra MK in mini SASS...75 gr Hornady HPBT and 69 gr.SMK shoot almost as well in that rifle

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No, trying to see if they're loading the 62gr penetrator projectiles into commercial .223 Rem brass, or if they're loading it into real 5.56 NATO brass.  If it's NATO brass, it has to have the NATO headstamp.  It's the circle with the crosshairs in it. 

See it here?


If the circle/cross isn't in the headcase, it's not NATO-sized brass. 

Is that on your brass, in the headstamp?

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My whole point was about the Green Tip 5.56 ammo - that specifically means it's real 5.56 NATO M855 equivalent (SS109 ammo). 

Looks like this stuff is NOT what it's "acting like."  It's just a 62gr ammo that they felt like painting the tip of green...  The projo might be the same thing - but I'd suspect that - and it's not in NATO cases, loaded to NATO pressures.  That's fer sure. 

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it seems like PSD is s.Korean mil surplus according to the link below. I'm happy with PMC 62gr. I'll give their 147gr .308 actually, PMC is quite affordable


Yep, I like the PMC ammo.  <thumbsup>  I just haven't stumbled on the 62gr stuff yet locally, so that's why I was asking the questions.  Regardless of whether it's in NATO cases or commercial cases, the 62gr would be a little more desireable than the standard 55gr stuff.  I'll grab some of it, but I was wondering what I'd do with the brass once I shoot and sort it.  I'll measure out the case capacity once I get some.  Thanks for the info on it.  <thumbsup>

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