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I misplaced a pair of $235 shoes


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For a week I have been tearing my apartment and basement apart looking for my mountain bike shoes a pair of Sidi Dominators. I have had them for years and there was still much life left in them. Sadly they have vaporized and today I broke down and ordered a pair of Sidi Dominator 5's. So far this week I bought a vacuum and shoes. Im such a girl

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I bought this vacuum.


Regarding the shoes most of my riding is slow and filled with numerous small obstacles like small downed trees, large exposed roots and what looks like dried creek beds. Much of the way I handle this stuff is being able to pull the bike into the air with my legs. I like bouncing and hopping around. Im hoping that with the new bikes ability to lockout the suspension that some of that old hardtail feel will come back. My sugar took a lot of effort to bounce over stuff

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I'm so disappointed. I would threaten to revoke the man card, but you handed that over a while back.

Does anyone else hear panties wadding up in the background?

I can hear him setting his purse on the counter top... does that count?  It "clunked," with all the poop in it.  I'm just sayin'...  <dontknow>

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My first mountain bike was a 1992 Cannondale M800 "Beast of the East". Great bike, simple, reliable, effective and light. It was also my first experience with toe clips. Took the bike to my old ladies which is in the same industrial park where we work. At the time there was a lot of factories under construction so there was a lot of fun terrain. So I ask the little woman if she wants to watch me ride, naturally she agrees. So Im wrestling getting the toe clips "just right" and the entire time she is voicing her concern for my safety.  Finally as Im approaching this little 10 foot section of sand I snap at her "I know what Im doing" and not 3 seconds later I hit the sand, the bike stops dead, stays upright for a few seconds and we fall over. Not missing a beat she says "So you meant to do that".


To this day I still hear about it.

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Did he say chola challenge? Is that some sort of competition where you stencil on eyebrows with sharpies....?

Oh...you're talking about that nasty Mexican jumping cactus. The stuff that jumps at you when you get anywhere near it.

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