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our own worst enemy...slidefire idiocy


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No doubt a misguided effort to promote his upcoming belt fed bump fired rifle, the owner of slidefire did an interview complete with choice phrases such as "sprays like a garden hose". I'm having flashbacks of the idiots in CA who were so excited to be on camera bragging about all the loopholes they exploited with their evil black rifles. The slidefire article is already on the front page of UK newspapers. Anyone want to start a pool on how long until they are reclassified NFA? How many other things will get dragged down with it? Competition triggers?



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The NFA laws are going to get "California-fied".

Our stupid law reads something like, "any device designed to increase the rate of fire of a firearm". I think it all started when someone designed that silly crank wheel that installed in the trigger guard. It turned any semi auto into an old style Gatling gun.

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