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10/22 Stainless Heavy Barrel, New to the Safe.


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New Toy to play with till my SR762 comes in.


Does anyone have tips on mods and tricks to get the most out of it?





Sorry pal, there's noone around here that will help anyone else spend their hard-earned money.




















I'm just kidding. Before we get started, are you familiar with your state's procedure for filing for bankruptcy?

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I have been trying to hunt one of these down for a while and found it yesterday at the Gun Show.  Nobody ever seems to have them in stock.


I have found a few sites to dig into but not sure I 'need' according to wife, a 1,500.00 10/22 but I have done crazier things.


What some youtube stuff today on a guy shooting one 400 yards on a 12 x 12 target, the TOF was insane.  Bag wait wait wait tink.


I think I have a TASCO Tactical laying around in a box that is 6-16 x 50, if I remember correctly.  Need to dig that up and see what it is.  Had it on a 22-250 at one point for plinking wood chucks.

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Dude!  I'll give a bunch of info about this - love me some 10/22s!


There's lots of guys here with them.  The info will FLOW...

We need to get together next weekend if you can, buddy of mine is coming back down in two weeks.  We can hit up CG on Sunday.

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We need to get together next weekend if you can, buddy of mine is coming back down in two weeks.  We can hit up CG on Sunday.

I'm in.   CG it is, brother.  <thumbsup>


Bring that 10/22 with you, and I'll mod the bolt release right there at the range.  Used to do that for every person that brought one to an Appleseed - it's necessary there.  I'll bring a couple 10/22s with me, too - let you check out some different triggers, etc.  We can decide to go from there.  I need to hit Cabela's on the way home from work this week, so I'll check for a pretty good trigger setup there - they used to carry them, not sure if they still do or not. 

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Best mod for it…Timney trigger group.  Nice crisp trigger, extended magazine release, better designed bolt-stop.


I'd ditch the heavy bull barrel and get a carbon fiber lightweight fat barrel…since you have that stock already.


I'm surprised Tom didn't post pics of his 10/22 he swiped outta Sportsman's.

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One of the best and cheapest mod is bedding either the barrel and/or the action.  Next cheapest would be a buffer.  Then the bolt mods, which would entail adding more radius to the rear, checking the headspace and pinning the firing pin.  Then a different trigger, either a simple trigger sear and hammer or a complete trigger group.  I'm sure there're many more, but beware.  You may end up spending a bunch if you get carried away.

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I love my mod'd 10/22... but I honestly love my stock 77/22 even more.

I just like that slow bolt action. Makes me feel feel like Carlos, sighting in on those little V.C. squeaks. Nothing special about the rifle. It just feels good.

Always fun to slap that bolt! Actually turned down a nice black heavy barrel 10/22 a friend had cuz I want a bolt.

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   Got a 10/22 in the safe, haven't shot it in over 10 years.   Had a 77/22  just could not get into it.   Sold it years ago.

     Just bought a CZ 455 switch bbl.   22lr and a second bbl in 17HMR.   Didn't want the HMR bbl, but couldn't find any 422 without the second bbl.

    I'v put about 40 rounds through it, just sighting it in.  Forgot to say I put a Nikon 3-9/ 22 scope on it.

    Taking it out to the outdoor range tomorrow, to see what it does at 50 and 100 yards.   Got a large varity of ammo to test!LOL!!   Over the last year, I bought ANY 22 I could find, and as much as they would let me have.

    Thought about a Browing T-bolt, or a Kimber, don't really know why I diceded on the CZ.

     It looks and feels like a real rifle, and so far, I'm liking it.



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Ron, were you talking about Sunday tomorrow or Sunday next week?  Tom has a motorcycle event tomorrow, but we should be available next Sunday.


I took Porter and one of his friends, today, to an off-road, up against the mountains desert shoot in Maricopa... It was sweet!  Maybe we can go back up there, its pretty close to the house!

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You just got to have a few 10-22;s in the safe.

None of mine are over $1K, I turned one into a 17 m2, Have an extra 17 aguila barrel I no longer need as the 17M2 will also shoot that. Also have a 22 in that config but no pic of it yet. The next 1022 has an overmolded stock with a ss bull barrel, Has a high powered scope but can't remember if it is 24 or 32 power. I like to try and watch the bullet hit at 200 yards.





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