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Miculek: How to Shoot a Pistol


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I'm not sure about resting my left thumb against the slide, and it feels weird anyhow, but this guy makes a lot of sense. Oh, and he shows that who needs full auto when semiauto is that fast.


Jerry Miculek: How to Shoot a Pistol - May 16, 2014

"In this video, Jerry shares basic and advanced techniques that are sure to make you a better pistol shooter. Included in this expanded session are complete high-speed demonstrations of grip techniques."

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got stuck watching JM YouTube videos for almost 2 hours last night. nodded off on the couch. stupid YouTube.


It gets us all, at times.  Whatever you do, DO NOT search any YT vids on Pat McNamara.  I'm just sayin'...




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This is one of the more mundane 2-Gun Action Challenges:



I couldn't find a video, but one they do fairly often is the kettleball toss-n-shoot.  Throw a 36# kettleball as far as you can (no hammer throws), where it comes to rest is your next rifle firing line.  Once you make it up to 25 yards, you transition to pistol.

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So can you guys help me out. I watched the OP video. He talks about "locking your wrist". I hear that over and over... but honestly, i have no idea what the heck that means. I understand hand placement and the other techniques he mentioned.... but your wrist does not "lock". 


You can lock your arms out. you can lock your legs out. I understand rotating your wrists... but I just don't get what people mean by locking your wrists. Even in the video, where he shows the difference with high speed camera... I still don't see it.

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Make a fist and hold out your arm.  Now move your hand only like you are hammering a tack.


Now hold that joint rigid so your hand looks like a mallet on your forearm handle.  Use muscle tension to freeze it in that position.


Voíla!  Wrist locked.


Next up...Robocop to demonstrate an involuntary wrist lock.

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