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Screw you CMMG!


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Against better judgment, I talked myself into buying my first piece of CMMG gear. Even though I am a adamantly against all products from that company.

My reasoning was simple. I was building a dedicated .22lr AR and CMMG made a .22lr specific charging handle. Despite looking everywhere, it appeared that CMMG was my only option.



(As you can see, the CH is filled in through the shaft. This is to prevent ejected shells from getting stuck in the normally empty channel)

The rifle lasted only a few months before the CMMG part finally failed me. Bubba can attest to my colorful use of four letter epithets, describing my enthusiasm.

To make matters worse, this was a rifle I built for my wife. So now I also had to go home and explain to my wife what I did to her rifle.

Here's a closer shot of where the polymer CH failed.


My wife, being as forgiving as she is, tells me, "it's ok. Now you just have to buy me a new one... and this time I want it to be ambidextrous! I think I deserve the best one out there since you broke mine."

Oh really??? FINE!

Here's the world's first .22lr, dedicated, TacOps-1.


A big glob of steel JB weld filled the channel nicely. It's still "setting" right now, so I'll have to update this tomorrow after its done curing.

So far so good....

Edited by Robocop1051
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As I was reading your first few lines of this thread I said to my self 'dedicated 22 CH haha why not just fill in a tac ops with something'? and bing bang boom there it is already done.

There's more to it than that.

The 22 charging handle is much shorter than the 5.56 version.

Rob, if mine breaks will you make me one of those baddass MFers?

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Thank you Rob for opening my eyes.

Because the charging stroke is so much shorter on the 22 I'd gotten it into my mind that the handle was shorter. I'd never bothered to check them side by side and believed I was forever stuck with the cheap plastic handle.

Now that I know different I've ordered a Raptor and will JB Weld the channel like you did.

I always get a childish thrill when I learn a new trick that improves a piece of equipment.

I'd give you a big hug if I weren't so homophobic.

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I'll still take the hug, and I won't even bother pulling my pants up either!

Last night, while the JB was still pliable, I dipped my finger in water and ran an indentation along the channel. This was to make room for the guide rod in the .22lr conversion BCG. I actually used the side of a Bic pen to press in and smooth out the JB.

I left a small portion open, just as CMMG did, at the front end of the CH. This is for those people that don't have a dedicated .22lr, and their rifle has a gas tube installed. Hindsight being 20:20, I should've filled the whole damned thing. I built my rifle without a gas tube, so the extra space isn't needed. I may go back and fill it...



Function tested this morning... A few hours shy of complete curing, per the instructions... she's up and running!

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  • 1 month later...

Looks like a good job of making do a repair.  LIke you said, Robocop, the filling in can come at a later date, but should work fine the way it is.  I had dabbled with the idea of an AR in a .22 configuration keeping price of ammo down and so on, and sort of leaned toward the SIG 522.  Forgive me all, for my weakness, but for what I was looking for, it was right for me.  I even put a laser in place of the fake "gas adjuster" on it, and those SIG handguard can take the same rails as the SIG 556 so I can mount a llight on the side for critters at night.


How's it shooting now?  Wife should be much pleased with the new modification you did.

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Thanks MG. I was debated on the Sig or one of the HK models... that Umarex cheap metal kills it for me. You have to be careful attaching real parts on them. Even aluminum will crush those zinc parts.

The Taccom3g parts are all steel and all NiB coated. It cleans so easy and fast, I don't have issues cleaning in between mag swaps.

I still have yet to grab those new mags.

The biggest bonus to my wife's AR, she can swap with ANY of my various uppers anytime she wants.

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NEWS flash!  SIG Sauer model 552 is made by SIG Sauer in Exeter, New Hampshire.  Says that in my owners manual and just got off the phone with SIG in New Hampshire  (603) 772-2302.  This is not made by Umarex. 


In this picture I drilled and tapped threads into the area where the fake adjustable gas regulator was so I could mount a laser in it's place and hold it steady.  Magnet sticks to it and it is steel.  The body is polymer, like my SIG Sauer SP2022 9mm.  Flash hider is threaded 1/2-28 and takes the same flash hider that fits on any .223/5.56.  One thing about it, I have shot lots of crappy ammo through it without a hiccup.  It even shoots the standard velocity .22 LR ammo I have from CCI.  Deadly on raccoons and possum in my yard. Never had any issue with it's side folding and collapsible stock, locks up very solid. 


One thing you have advantage of Robocop 1051 is you can put another AR-15 upper on your lower and good to go.  I am pretty much stuck with just .22 for this little rifle.  Incidentally, I had to register this as a pistol in Michigan since it folded to the side and overall length made it too short for State rifle regs, but was ok with Federal.  Which was before they changed the law, but, with my Concealed Pistol License, and this registered as a pistol, I can leave a magazine in it and carry in the trunk and get by with it.  If it was just a rifle it would be illegal.  Odd huh?




8-32 set screws with thread lock.. and left side with the momentary on/off button on the side of the fore grip.



Edited by Gibbs
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Yep, I believe you're right, sorry. It's the HK 22s that come from Umarex, as well as the Colts and some Walthers. (I had one of those Colt and one Walther POS).

SIG is the one that's gotten into bed with GSG, another big user of zinc. (I've owned two of those POS, a GSG-5 and a GSG Kalashnikov)

Don't own any of them any longer.

Y'all aren't allowed to carry loaded rifles in your vehicle?

Edited by Microgunner
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Y'all aren't allowed to carry loaded rifles in your vehicle?

Nope, reference: http://www.michigan.gov/dnr/0,4570,7-153-10366_37141_37706-31579--,00.html  with the exception of a pistol with a concealed pistol license.  They changed the law defining in Michigan the length of a rifle, like this SIG when folded, etc as a rifle, but before that law was enacted, it was registered and considered a pistol.  I was allowed to re-register it as a rifle, but then, if I did that, I would not be allowed to carry it in the trunk with a magazine in it per regualations about carrying rifles in transport.  So I stayed with the grandfathered issue that it's a registered pistol and can carry it in the trunk and not worry about the magazine in or out of it.



I too, thought about the GSG pistols and even looked at the Kalishnikov .22 rifle over at On Target.  Decided against it, under the same things as you all said.. looked kind of cheap and, well... cheap.  The SIG caught my eye and I have lucked out and it's been a real dream to shoot and easy to clean.  I'll post a separate thread about the mod and will cease hijacking this thread of the modification of a AR style charging handle fix for the .22 for Robocop's wife's rifle. 


Well?  Has it been fixed and shot?  How did it all turn out?

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