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Stock question


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If I use a  VLTOR 6 Position Carbine Buffer Tube and a collapsible M4 stock, then later wish to change to a PRS or Luth-AR stock, can I use the same tube?  What adjustments would I need to make?




No, the carbine buffer tube is not compatible with either the PRS or the Luth-AR stock. You'll need to change out your entire buffer tube assembly (i.e. including buffer and spring) to a rifle length setup.

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^^^  That's some sneaky $hit, right there!  Farkle, when the hell did you find out about that thing, and when did it come out?!

Debuted at Shot Show this year and was released beginning of summer. May IIRC. This post on M4C has some good pics of the .308 version on different receiver extensions.

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That's pretty sweet. Magpul is such a boat anchor. I'm glad more quality is coming from other companies. I'm surprised MFT hasn't made a similar stock yet.


I really like the MFT walking stick stock (i.e. minimalist). It made a great hook  that could be used for other purposes in a pinch too!

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Is expensive, but when comparing to the prs it's not that much more when you buy just the lmt stock and not the kit. $289 for the 308 stock.


I like it, my 308 runs so damn good with the current a2 extension w/ heavy buffer and adj. GB, I have a hard time considering buying a collapsible stock system to take its place. :hethan:

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If I put a carbine stock with a heavy carbine buffer on, then want to switch to something like a PRS, what do I need to add to the rifle buffer tube to run the carbine length buffer?


On a .308, or AR-15?


If it's on the AR-15, they make a spacer that goes into the rifle receiver extension, that allows you to run a carbine buffer in it.


If it's on the .308, you're $hit out of luck.


You'd need to make a spacer that's the exact same length difference, between the .308 carbine buffer and the .308 rifle buffer.

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AR15 rifle buffer = 5.900"
AR15 carbine buffer = 3.250"
spacer is 2.650" long for these, to run a carbine buffer in a rifle-length receiver extension.

DPMS 308 rifle buffer  = 5.200"
DPMS 308 carbine buffer = Have to have someone measure their Slash CAR-10 buffer, or DPMS 308 Carbine Buffer to get this info.  Subtract it from the 5.200" of a 308 rifle buffer length to get the length of spacer you'd need to make.


***Do not use the Armalite AR-10 Carbine buffer length, or information.  Armalite uses a longer carbine receiver extension on their AR-10s, and they use AR-15-length carbine buffers.***



ADDED:  DPMS Specs on their LR308 Rifle and Carbine Buffers - double check these numbers and test-fit, but verify numbers!...


  • Rifle and carbine buffers for DPMS .308 style rifles
  • Standard rifle buffer specs: length 5.285", weight 5.4112oz
  • Carbine buffer specs: length 2.485", weight 3.808oz
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