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New to forum from Boston


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Sup guys,


Been a long time firearms enthusiast.  Built a bunch of AR's but I've always had an itch to someday build a .308 AR (the way that I want it).  Seems like this year alone a lot of companies are now selling/offering .308 AR rifles and parts.  Because of the ease and availability of .308 AR parts now, I've decided to do something about the itch finally!  I ended up finding this site via Google searches when I started researching .308 ARs.


My journey started when Aero Precision recently came out with a VERY affordable .308 AR receiver set but what I wanted has been out of stock and god knows when it will be back in stock.  I was also a little iffy about going that route since there's no track record yet since it's a new product offered by them.  Started looking at the Mega Arms receiver set since they seem to be extremely popular on here but then I caught wind of the Rainier Arms .308 AR receiver set.  Something about that receiver set gave me butterflies in my stomach.  Couldn't really find anything bad online about the receiver set and I know Rainier Arms is a highly respected company in the firearms industry so I pulled the trigger on the Rainier Arms receiver set.  It's on its way to my FFL!!!


Been on this forum quite a bit over the past couple weeks learning the ways of the .308 AR.  Figured it probably made sense to join the forum and stop being a troll.  I pretty much have build list put together with the exception of the barrel.  I'm being extremely picky about it.......  Here's what I'm trying to find:



Rifle Length Gas System


Medium Contour

Nitride Finish (inside and out)

Dimpled for proper gas block position (I'm a set screw kind of guy and like having the dimple for proper positioning)


Closest I could find that meets all of these picky requirements was a Brownells barrel but the gas system is mid length.  Anyone know of any barrels that have all the above requirements?  If not I'll probably settle for the Brownells one......

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I do a lot of motorcycle riding out in Western Mass (my other hobby).  I have to say, it's a whole other world out there.  The closer you get to Boston the more commie it gets!  I'm in the Metro West area so there are some towns that are ok and some that are commie.


Well I ended up buying the Fulton Armory BCG last night.  Was on sale and it was in stock.  I said F it, better do it now while it's in stock because once it goes out of stock it will be out of stock for 6 months.  What was odd was that there was barely any details on the BCG itself.  On the main page of this site under the parts section I did see a description that it was a DPMS based BCG which is what I was trying to confirm.

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What's funny is I grew up next to Boston for 25+ years and I used to consider 495 "west" like most Easterners.  it wasn't until I started riding that my idea of "Western Mass" shifted out further west.  You have to get past Worcester to find the good roads.  I do know of some inside 495 but not many.  Near 128 and inside I avoid like the plague.

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So I just bought my second .308 AR receiver set!  I just so happened to be on Aero Precision's website again just out of curiosity.  They had the black M5 receiver set in stock again and on top of it, it was on sale.  Instead of $320, it was $288 plus free shipping.


Looks like I'm going to be broke building out 2 .308 AR's over the winter!!!!!

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Yeah......that's how it tends to happen. And then before you know it........those two will act like rabbits. And you'll have AR's popping up in various stages of assembly. An LPK here......a rail there.....some bolt carrier pieces laying around.....grips.....sights.......muzzle devices......barrels.......blocks......more receivers. It'll build on itself. <laughs>

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