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98Zs Aero Precision Rifle


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Here's the rifle so far.  Blew a few nerves and got my blood pressure up on this one, thanks to our wonderful friends at USPS.  Long story in that, but it'll be told.  At any rate, this is where it's at right now, but not where it's staying.  I'll get to the details below the pic...





Bought the fully built lower and stripped upper receiver from Yoda, here.  Worked out shipping details after a couple days, and he got it sent out to my FFL.  Entered the USPS system the day after I sent him the money, and was to be delivered exactly a week later, according to the tracking number he sent.  That night, it had already left his USPS facility.  I checked on it daily, the the tracking info never updated - just left his facility.  The afternoon it was supposed to be delivered, it still just said it left his facility...  so I called USPS and started a case on it - the lady on the phone was sweet enough, but she just didn't know $hit.  She had no info on where it was sent from, going to, sender, addressee, nothing.  She couldn't find anything based on the tracking number.  Now, this didn't have ANYTHING to do with Yoda - and I kept him updated on all of it.  He did his part, and he did it quick - but USPS was completely effed up in all this. 


The lady I talked to said she'd keep me updated on the case, as it progressed, and that she'd call me in 48~72 hours.  Well, I called her on a Thursday, so I knew damn well I wasn't getting a call on that Saturday or Sunday with any information...  On Monday, I was just gathering my information to call them up - case #, tracking #, date I called her, what she told me, etc.,  - and she called. The only info she had was that they couldn't find ANY information on this package...  She told me she'd call me Tuesday, but she didn't.  I was busy at work, and by the time I thought about it, they were closed.  Miraculously, on Wednesday morning, it showed as "delivered."  ZERO scans along the way.  It was scanned as it left Yoda, and it was scanned in when it hit my local PO.  Nothing in between. 


I called my FFL and told him it was there, so he snatched it up.  He called back and said the box was kinda beat up, and it had obviously been opened and resealed.  I told him what was supposed to be in there, and he said it was all there, and didn't look like anything was wrong with any of it - relief!  I broke outta work Thursday afternoon and picked it up.


Thus endeth the Nightmarish USPS saga...


Yoda built it with a black CTR stock and MOE grip, but I already had replacement parts here.  Swapped on the B5 SOPMOD Bravo stock and MOE K2+ grip, both in FDE.  Immediately installed a BADASS safety.  I'd already ordered the Fortis 12" switch rail and Geissele Super gas Block, so they went on the barrel that I scored from Stain several months ago - Rainier Select 18" midlength gas.  Left the standard trigger alone, for now, but it's getting replaced.  Slapped on some Troy sights and stole the Millett DMS-1 scope off another rifle.  It will eat from Lancer L7 AWM mags.  ...I KNEW that damn barrel was gonna turn into something!   <lmao>


There will be some changes coming, but this is how it gets fired tomorrow morning.  It's getting chopped, too...  :banana:


There's an issue with Aero's carbine receiver extension, and/or the buffer.  Definitely an issue with the extension.  I'll get details up later, when I can get pics of it all.  I've solved it for right now, with $1.00 in quarters, but you guys need to watch your Aero receiver extensions, if you bought the carbine 308 version.  I'll post more about it tomorrow, after I blast this thing. 

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I'll send you pictures!...  :))


How long would it take Lance to cut/crown/rethread my barrel?  Possibly pin-n-weld some AAC goodness on the end?  If i show up and start telling stories, can he rush it?  <lmao>

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The AP 308 Carbine Receiver Extension is slightly too long, internal depth. 


This upper and lower had never been fired, only hand cycled.  I notice marks on the lower where the BCG just barely touched it a couple times. Layed everything out and started measuring.  The internal depth on the receiver extension is 7.100" deep.  The buffer is correct, at 2.500" long.  The spring is correct.  That internal depth is just enough that the BCG just misses contact with the lower, when you push the BCG into the lower by hand.  Any type of buffer bumper compression is gonna cause the BCG to hit the lower.  Recoil will definitely do it.


Checked the amount of distance from the bolt face to the bolt catch, with the BCG all the way back.  There's an excessive amount of distance that the face of the bolt goes back, beyond the back of the bolt catch, more than 1/4" (over 0.0250").  This is what breaks bolt catches.


I'm not going to start replacing parts yet.  I'm going to shoot it.  However, I'm going to make sure that I don't rip up  bunch of nice parts, too.  I knew I needed to take up some BCG travel, to prevent the BCG from hitting the lower receiver.  2 quarters down the receiver extension will do that.  In playing with the overtravel beyond the bolt catch, I can get another 2 quarters in there, but not another 3.  We'll see of it locks back on $1.00.  I might need to remove one, if it won't lock back.  We'll know after the range session. 


Those are the issues I've seen with this combination of parts.  All major parts are Aero Precision (upper, lower, receiver extension, buffer, buffer spring, charging handle, lower parts kit, upper small parts).


Edited by 98Z5V
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Just throw a buck in it and be done, brother.  Or 75 cents.  I'll let you know. 


Who was it here that got all pissy about me recommending quarters in the receiver extension?...  Easy fix.

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Got it brother,but for a new setup it's like WTF.Shoot it yet ??? Keep me posted.Ya got a damn good deal on those parts bro.Was thinkin about painting the lower,either Vernero [spelling incorrect the same paint you used on you'r bolt] or Duracoat.Can I hit that Cerakote with either ?

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Great looking rifle there!


I cringe every time something gets shipped USPS.  I order a bolt carrier that was shipped USPS, should have gotten it in two days, a week and a half later, I received an empty box.  To their credit, they paid the insurance claim quickly.  Thankfully, the place I bought the carrier, shipped me another one as soon as I told them the first one didn't make it.

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I've always been impressed with Aero Precision AR15 lowers and uppers.  Their fit and finish, as well as the annodizing, is always excellent.  The forging on this 308 set is just awesome, and again the fit and finish and annodizing are second to none.  I can't say enough how nice of a receiver set this is.


I also can't say enough that "it doesn't look dirty until you take a close-up picture of it!"  Damn the camera quality!  <lmao>


This is some damn fine craftsmanship, guys.  I'm really gonna like this rifle.













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All the talk of the Aero 308 sets having proprietary pivot and take down pins - the rear take down pin is standard DPMS LR308 or Armalite AR10 length, 1.080".  The take down pin in the AP 308 is not different.  The front pivot pin is longer.  Standard DPMS LR308 and Armalite AR10 pivot pin length is 1.500".  The Aero is 1.600" - 0.100" longer.  0.075" of the pin sticks out the other side when it's fully closed.  Measurements only include the working length of the pin, and not the pin head.


Anybody got a LAR8 pivot pin they can measure?  I'm betting that thing comes up 1.600"... 

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Just got back from shooting it.  Locks back just fine on the last round with a buck down the tube.  I'll leave it like that.  Shoots well - kicks more than my other one, but i expected that, with that fat little carbine buffer in there.  Definitely not a bother to shoot, and I see no reason for any adjustable gas system on this config.  I was able to see (off-target) impacts through the scope, so it's not jumping off target.  It will stay like it is, but get painted.  It will end up with a different scope on it, next month.


Brother Rene - Aervoe paints.  Those are the ones you're looking for.  DSG carries them.  <thumbsup>

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Big fan of the Armalite AR10B bolt catch, in any .308AR.  So, another one arrived today, to swap into the Aero build. Interesting differences between the two.  Pic at the bottom.


***Armalite pin hole is 0.104”.  Aero pin hole looks larger in the picture, but that’s the taper on the outer edges.  The aero pin hole is 0.101”.  The aero part is MIM – Metal Injection Molded.  The Armalite 10B part is not MIM.


***Back of pin hole to the end of the stop: Armalite part is 0.875” Aero part is 0.860”


***Bottom to top, bolt stop area: Armalite part is 0.590” high.  Aero part is 0.520” high. Might have some work to do here, shaving down the Armalite…


***Thickness of the back of the bolt stop – the part that catches the bolt face: Armalite part is 0.032” from base.  Aero part is 0.024” from base.  The Armalite stop will catch the bolt face farther back, by 0.008”.  8-thou.  Can’t hurt…


***That angled corner need to be dealt with, from the Aero part to the Armalite part.  Dremel will fix that quick.  I’ll keep working from there...


Armalite AR10B on the left, Aero on the right.



Edited by 98Z5V
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