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The "Rule" has been invoked.....Kel-tec KSG


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I haven't had a shotgun for a long time, and since I am now a certified Mall Ninja, I needed to get the tacticoolest shotgun I could find.


I had run across a UTAS-15 a while back, but didn't have the desire or money at the time.


I had gotten turned on to a new local shop that had lots of reloading supplies, and I found the KSG on the wall at a decent price, so I did some horse trading and took her home with me....


I have two videos, the first is an initial impression.....





The second video is after a few rounds....






Overall I'm pretty happy with it, aside from the "improvements" mentioned in the video, there are some muzzle breaks and choke tube adapters I'll be looking into.  This may be my new turkey gun.

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This is the first time I've heard anyone say this about the KSG.


<lmao>  I was thinking the same thing...  It doesn't matter how many shells it holds, those damn turkeys will still get away.  Shady bastards...   <laughs>

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This is the first time I've heard anyone say this about the KSG.



It shoots where I look, so it fits my criteria for a turkey gun.


The only issue with adding a choke adapter is adding 2" for the adapter and basic choke tube.  but it looks like most turkey tubes are extended another 1" or so.

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We have the KSGs in stock. Not a big fan of Kel-Tec but I like this one.



I have had more than a couple Kel Tec's that I really liked, The PF9 single stack 9mm, and the P3AT .380 pistol were reliable, but not special enough to hold on to.


My Seecamp replaced them both.


My followers and selector switch came in today from SMT Tactical today, the quality looks to be very good, the swtich does seem to be a bit on the large side, but that's what Belt sanders are for....


Matech backup sight is here too, and I'm expecting the front sight later today.

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So I had an issue with my Buis and red dot.

On my AR I had a perfect lower 1/3 co-witness. When I put almost the same set up on the KSG, the buis sight were barely a lower 1/8 co-witness.

I researched and found a riser that was supposed to give an absolute co-witness on an AR. And with it installed it gave me a 1/4-1/3 co witness.

For a shotgun I'm happy with this set-up.

Now my task is to sight the slugs in at 50yards with the 200m setting on the Matech, and then find out how far I can reach up to with the 600m setting.

My Fenix PD35 light is on the way, and I still haven't decided on a muzzle device and choke tube adapter. I do have a choice of Win-choke or Rem-choke for the adapter.

I think I'm leaning toward Win-choke because the adapter is $25 less, and choke tubes are similarly priced.








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For the most part it's done, I still haven't decided on the choke adapter I want.

If I'm just using it for HD, I don't really need a brake or breaching device, BUT it looks like once I remove the barrel nut I can't just screw it back on without a special tool. And tool cost as much as a break.

I can tighten the choke adapter and break by hand.

I'm going to pick a turkey/xfull choke, and chose the adapter based on that.

The SMT is rem choke, and the keltec is win choke.




Edited by AngelDeVille
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So I made a trip to midways site and found a win choke modified tube and and extended ported turkey choke on clearance, so I ordered them and the KelTec choke adapter. I will forgo the various muzzle breaks and just use the adapter with the mod choke for everyday HD use.

It is complete.... More videos to come...

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Is it really complete? <laughs> Or will it spawn others?

After all this tacticool shizer, I'll probably get an Ithaca 37 and be done with it

What..... no laser?

I couldn't find one that looked like the target finder on the Predator, so why bother....



Edited by AngelDeVille
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I couldn't find one that looked like the target finder on the Predator, so why bother....






...Remember, YOU asked for this...   <lmao>





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