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BDS Tactical


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Yep. I've got a bunch of their slings. Some of the best out there in my opinion (for what that's worth). I've had one of their chest rigs for years. Very sturdy and well made stuff overall. I use one of their packs daily for my work laptop (and all the crap that goes with it). I'm a big fan of their equipment. All USA made too. The only thing, is that you can't be in a hurry when you order anything from them. It usually takes a couple of weeks (minimum), because they literally custom build and stich everything. Like I said, High quality equipment in my book.

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  Good to know , I ordered one of their concealed weapon fanny pak's for the wife to use when she rides her Bike & its been about a month . Its in Phase 3 of production <laughs>  , I was just wondering . I waited till it went 50% off , took the better part of a year to see it go on sale . I plan to order some of their mag pouches & was just seeing how this works out first.    Thanks & I always try to buy made in the usa .

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  Its for my wife for when she rides her bike & did you ever think it would be good for others to guess if she is, possibly armed . What about open carrie , does that give it away ?

  If I wear an NRA or Glock hat , do you think I'm armed & what difference does the color make .  <dontknow>  I suppose you guys don't wear anything that can possibly connect you to firearms , no hats or 308AR "T" shirts, bumper stickers on you car or truck . <laughs>  



   Think of it as a fancy Purse  <thumbsup>

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I some how subscribed to this and got and email I thought you were pm'n me and pissed lol.

I forgot the biking thing! Good call enjoy!!



  No problemo <thumbsup> , I did a lot of thinking on her using one , she has a small one for when we ride , but it just doesn't work out for her carrie piece .

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