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Forum Greenhorn from Missouri Here


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Glad to be here and hello to everyone. My names Dan, I'm 23, and I'm from Eastern Missouri. I've been shooting just about my entire life. Grew up with my dad (1/8th 4th ID Dak To) and grandfather (1st Marines 2nd Battalion '41-'43, Army '50-57, US advisor to the Shah in country, West Point Instructor/Disciplinarian, Kemper Military School Instructor) who between the two of them had 5 Bronze stars (3 with 'V') and 3 purple hearts. Started shooting very young (as you can imagine) and fell in love with military weapons of all periods. I Began collecting at 12. A Rem 870 12g for your 12th b-day what could be better!? I Primarily collected bolt actions Persian/Argentine/German Mausers, Smith Corona '03A3s, Mosins, Ishys and Enfields of Crown country, etc. Branched out into semi automatics more so after 18. I've always loved battle rifles and have bought, sold, and collected more than I care to remember at this point. The roller locks and AR battle rifles were always my favorite.

I now work as a personal security contractor (US continental, not a top flight/btdt from canopy or the other big firms) though I am hopefully moving into a career with US Steel or HD supply. I'm still waiting to hear their bids before I decide. I aspire primarily to be a writer though, even if it's not my main source of income

Somewhat ashamedly I will admit I have perused this forum before farming knowledge while selfishly lacking in contribution. While surfing today I decided to register and say hello! Glad to be here and I hope to help! Way I see it is everyone you meet or talk to knows more about SOMETHING than you do, so now I'll learn and absorb with a members presence the knowledge of those better learned and contribute my experiences and knowledge whenever applicable!

Thanks again for having me and I look forward to a good time, good friends, and a wealth of knowledge!

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Welcome from Indiana brother Dan.THANK YOU and you'r family for you'r service to this great country.I worked for U.S. Steel in the 70's,saw steel from the blast furnace to plate,rod,bars and I beams.Love the mill,3rd generation there.Was a heartbreaker to see them fold up.Good luck with the job brother. <thumbsup>

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