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X-Caliber Barrel & MFG, Anyone know about these?


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I don't know how "shortly" it will be but looks like I made my decision on the barrel maker for the the Matrix Aerospace build..................

contour?fluting or no fluting? twist rate? hell, I'm not sure on the length yet.........

:evil5: stupid fukn rule......... guess I did know better #*#$@&+#^**# should have just kept googling....

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JT  here's a copy of forum speak....you are good to go!   <lmao>   Wash




They are in Kalispell, Montana.

My father-in-law's cousin started the business for the owner with his brother and former lead salesman for Mcgowen barrels. I have seen their operation from the start of wiring up the new building to setting the machinery and getting all the bugs hashed out. They are dedicated to making high quality barrels with the best steel money can buy. The owner has invested a ton of money in a top of the line drill and prgrammable CNC machines.

Their barrels are button pulled by a special machine my father-in-law's cousin designed. The hydraulic arm pulls the button through the bore in a constant controlled speed motion for the entire length. The barrels are hand lapped by experts and the barrels are heat treated to relieve stress. The tolerances for their high end barrels are every bit as tight as Hart or Lilja. If any of you have looked inside one of their barrels with a bore scope, you can attest to the hand lapping quality. The very faint lapping lines all run perfectly with the twist of the grooves. Everyone who has shot one of their barrels has given great reviews of phenomenal accuracy. I have a 6mm 1 in 8" twist X-caliber barrel on a 6XC that I plan to shoot once the stock is finished. 

They were going to price their barrels much higher originally, but when we were talking about it, I suggested  they start low until they get their name out there due to the amount of quality competition. Would be hard to get a piece of the pie with high prices against known quality manufacturers. So they are pricing them low right now to build a name for themselves. The prices will go up eventually as good reviews and demand continues to rise. So if you are planning on trying one, now is the time to order. They have produced a few barrels for some of the top 1K BR Willaimsport shooters to test out, Leo Anderson being one. We have yet to hear back from Leo, but hope to hear good things as Leo will scrutinize the barrel in every way before taking the time to even mount the barrel on an action.

NEMO firearms (the company that makes 300 win mag AR's) has a contract with them as well. They are making almost all of the barrels for NEMO right now.

Although I have not shot one yet myself because my rifle is not ready, I believe they are a barrel you can buy with confidence. If anything is ever wrong with it, I know they will do everything to take care of your concerns and replace it if need be. They are committed to excellent customer service.

If you have any detailed questions or concerns, you can let me know and I will get a hold of Gary (father-in-laws cousin) to get you the answers you need. You can also call them directly and they are always more than willing to spend all the time you need to answer all of your questions. Ask for Gary Sutton. Take care.
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Hmmmm.....a lightweight 16" rifle gas? Email may be in order.

Great minds think alike, I just finished shooting an email asking if they could do a rifle length gas system on a 16 inch barrel....... just because I read about all the gurus here wanting one! I'm not sure I have the knowledge to make something like this actually work but it does sound like a challenge, has anyone here actually built one like it?

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I have one on a 5.56 gun, so unless the gas port is way undersized, shouldn't need any special tweaking. Waiting to see when criterion has theirs ready, but I like the idea of a lightweight over a med weight contour. Not planning on this gun going more than 300yds.

DNP is running one. I know there's one or two others as well.

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It shoots. I can't say how accurate it is...I'm not very good and I never wind up sitting down and trying. I can hit things with it...and it makes me smile....those are about the only two things I care. She's a soft shooter and I haven't run much other than American Eagle 150's sand FGMM 168's out of her. I have some 147's next chance I get to go out. We'll see how they cycle.

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Damn! That's pretty cheap. Wonder what port size they use..or if they have ever done one.

I didn't get an answer to the port size question but it didn't seem like it was an odd request for them. I'm going to call later in the week and ask for a bit more detail.

With the accuracy they seem to claim I'm starting to think I should go for a thousand yard rig......but then I don't have a good 1,000yd range anywhere near me so it might be a waste.....and a bunch more coin for the optics and all the rest that goes along with a rig like that. I'm sure there will be more rifles to come........

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Takes more than a nice rifle to shoot well long range. I don't have the time or money for that. I'll be happy with reliable and 1.5 moa at 200 with the new gun.

I'd like to think I have enough fundamentals to get there but your right, a nice 1.5 MOA at 200 yards is a more practical goal.......I'd rather spend my off time shooting than working up loads in the basement.....probably take me into retirement as I'm a bit anal on the reloading bench..........

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 My 16" , rifle gas Criterion , works & mine is a HB contour configuration . I'm waiting for a 18.5 ,Med. contour , rifle gas , since I already have the 16" & a 20" HB by Criterion .


  That's a good price , as long as the Barrel lives up to expectations . We are talking about a .308 ?



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