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Just checking in.


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Hey guys haven't been on here much! I had been pretty busy with calving then right into branding. Got branding wrapped up mid June. Then into full on haying season! Which I'm about half done with the first cutting.

I haven't started any new builds lately. Been working on a lot of bolt gun long range work. I'm currently waiting on a custom rifle being built by Marc Soulie of Spartan Precision Rifles out of CA. It will be chambered in 6.5 SAUM. I also jumped into the suppressor game by ordering three Elite Iron cans there new 30cal can model the STFU it's rated for 300WM, a 223 can the CQC Elite, and a Sierra 338SD I have done paperwork on two of theses cans and waiting for the 338SD to be built still.



If there any Outdoor Life fans here I had a great opportunity and honor to work with the crew this year on the guns and optics test. The crew puts in a week solid testing the guns and optics in hunting conditions. It was brutally cold up here in NE MT during the week test. Check out the June/July issue to read more. They where nice enough to put me on the cover of the issue as well! That Armalite M153GN13 was a sweet gun to shoot.

That's all I have been up to theses days. I hope everyone is doing well and having a great summer! Take care guys and keep them barrels hot.

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 They where nice enough to put me on the cover of the issue as well!




I'll look for it tomorrow - damn good update, by the way.  <thumbsup>

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No I didn't get to keep any of the samples. I did get to run a few of there scopes for a few months. I ran the Minox 1-8 34mm tube they had in the test on my 11.5 in build and shot it out to 400 meters. It was a very nice scope I thought it was a little high priced but had no other complaints other then the illumination would get turned on easy and your battery would be dead when ya wanted to use it

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Outdoorlife test team.

Sounds like you have been busy !

That's the main test guys. The guy in the Orange stalking cap is my neighbor Andrew McKean Editor-in-chief of Outdoor Life. He is the main reason I got the opportunity to do this I talk shop with him a lot.

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Funny part that photo was taken kinda as an afterthought. Took way more photos with a bolt gun. It turned out really good though I was pretty shocked when they told me that was the photo that was going to be on the cover.

I hope to get to help out next year as well for the guns and optics test. May get in on a suppressor test as well but nothing in stone.

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Very cool bro! A coach of mine back in the day says the lil guy can move more than a big guy! And we did a test on the deadlift. I moved 1000# more in 30 min. He was 255 I was a slim ... Er 135

Lol nope just a little guy!!!

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I guess I did a miserable job with the Roadhouse quote....

They have you sign a model release? There should definitely be some compensation for that one. Gun parts and ammo is perfectly acceptable!

Lol oh there has been some perks! hopefully next year I get on the main test crew and get to do the full week test with them.

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