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Morrow, from Italy nice to be here and meet you all guys.

We're starting having gunsmiths able to build up nice big ARs in 308 and 6.5cm... We'll never be able to do it ourselves like you do, but let us at least drool at it. And learn. 

We are also starting seeing PRS style events both for bolts and gas, so I am patiently waiting for a 6.5cm 18" barrelled Dpms style AR able to teach me how to ring steel consistently at medium ranges.

But! We' re closer to S&B so a 5-45 pm2 is not a dream and a 5-20us is a must to start with.  And of course we have better food. 

See you around,

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23 minutes ago, mineralman55 said:

Welcome aboard. Tell us about yourself. Why can't you build your own rifle?

Good Italian food is a wonderful thing, but I'll put New Orleans food up against any food, anywhere, anytime.

Laws! We are missing anything like 2nd amendment and only gun factories can build and stamp a code on a gun.

Few gunsmiths are starting assembling but is a real pita. I am waiting on one of them. 

Hope to visit the Big Easy sooner or later and challenge your food then!

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Welcome from another Texas  live in.

Many folks don't know it but there are a good mess of Eyetailians down on the Louisana Gulf Coast as are anywhere, however the kept the Eyetalian name and have done converted to the COONarse lifestyle and cooking.  You won't ever know what hit you until you spend a few months in Laffayette or Houma. Them folks will celebrate at the drop of a hat, and with a fine Crab & Mudbug boil, down at the park. I have seen them celebrate not having a flat on their Dodge Ram for a whole week!

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10 hours ago, 98Z5V said:

Welcome aboard, gnat - love your intro! 

You have a skill for seamlessly incorporating insults right into normal conversation, which leads me to believe that you'll fit right in here!!!   :thumbup::lmao:

Love your greeting too, Sir....Feel home with good friends. and thanks to all of you Lone Star State friends! Been in Austin, Dallas and San Antonio and love all of those great cities. Some good friends over there too.

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