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I didn't even listen to the audio, but I'm sure I can paraphrase it quite nicely...

"As I am unable to think for myself and am currently swept up in all the negative rhetoric being flung about regarding asshurt rifles, I'm going to do my part and cut this'n up. If everybody who owned one did the same thing, this world would be a better place for all of mankind."

I'd have bought that A1 handguard from him...

And, as sketch mentioned, this man now has video evidence of himself committing a federal felony, which he has posted for all the world to see. Best of luck with that.

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Lol. Fuckin cucks will be cucks. I fast forewaded to see the end results. Laughable at best. 

“Normally I only use this camera to film other men satisfy my wife, where I then jerk off in silence, using my own tears as lubricant. Today Ima gonna show y’all how I can cut threw a shot out 50 year old barrel and a $10 gas tube. Gotta be careful not to knick my lower and upper receiver though. I don’t want to ruin my chances of rebuilding this when my wife rewards me for being a good pet.”


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Bwahahahaha!!!!! What a fukkin idiot! All he had to do to keep his gun from being used in a killing was keep it locked in the safe when not using it. Now he has deprived himself of the fun of shooting it! What a moron!

At the end he said hopefully you'll never have one of these pointed at one of your kids! Hell, 3 of my kids have their own and will kill you if you point one at them! The 4th one is a convicted felon and a damn good example for why I keep my schit locked up!

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11 hours ago, dpete said:

On his FB page it shows the rifle with the upper and lower cut in half also.  I was thinking the same thing about his creating an illegal SBR.


i dont think that was his and its a photo shop pic. i could be wrong but i almost subbed fakebook to post my sbr thoughts!  like robo says there aregun parts for sale here. 

so with that note it can be rebuilt so wtf?

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