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Hello from LA (lower Alabama)


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Good morning everyone, 

My name is Brian, consider myself a patriot, served in the Navy 1980 - 84 , and I grew up with guns and hunting, all types of both guns and hunting except for the popular hog hunting we have down here where the young guys drop from a tree on top of them and slit their throats. That's a new one to me. 

Of course posting hère because I am new to the 308 AR site , but also new as in got my first one yesterday. I have wanted one for many years and finally pulled the trigger so to speak. Being new to them though has also proved to be a problem.  I bought some surplus British 7.62 the guy said was great ammo, 20 years ago he bought several thousand rounds of it and he had these 2 20 round boxes left. Well, I went down to my shooting range on the backside of my property and after 3 non - fires and it getting dark, I quit for the evening.  The first round didn't show much of a primer strike, second one did but not deep, and the third round had a definite deep depression in the primer. I'm going to go get some more ammo today but my question is, has anyone else had this happen before and could it be something besides old ammo? I'd appreciate any input or experiences from y'all

Pleased to meet you 

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Where did you pick up the rifle, and when?  I know you say you got it yesterday....   do you know when it was made?  I'm thinking it might have come from one of two sources - a gunshop built the rifle up, or it came from Live Free Armory.  LFA is the only place I know of that offered complete Matrix M-762 rifles - even Matrix doesn't offer the 308 as a complete.  Matrix does for the 5.56 guns, but not the 308s.  LFA transitioned to their own uppers and lowers some time ago, so they don't have complete Matrix-branded 308s anymore.

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5 hours ago, Blambert said:

 I bought some surplus British 7.62 the guy said was great ammo, 20 years ago he bought several thousand rounds of it and he had these 2 20 round boxes left.

I have a stash of Radway Green 7.62 from the 90's, good stuff. No issues with primer strikes except with a single stage Velocity trigger, usually fires the second tap. European NATO M80 does seem to generally have hard primers, not necessarily age related but could be poor storage.

And welcome from Iowa, via Mississippi!

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37 minutes ago, Blambert said:

Sorry to reply so late,  thank you guys for the welcome.  Ok , i found out it is a live free build and it had to be lubed up and worked a bit. The ammo was fine. That crisp new feel of the bcg should have been my first clue. Lol

Get pics of it up, when you can.  Several of us have that setup, and we can work you through any issues you might encounter.  :thumbup:

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Welcome aboard Blam...and Thank You for your service!   Yep you gotta use a bit of lube on em and some of that milsurp ammo has hard primers as said before,but one other thing....the firing pin is  floating and it will sometimes leave a small indent in the primer during normal cycling too  :fullauto:  Wash

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No, it's my name,  Brian Lambert,  not of those Lamberts though. I first went to the one in Evansville as my family are all from that corner of Kentucky so when they opened down here of course we had to go. It's about an hour drive though because I live in such a remote area near the Mississippi state line.

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